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To Quit Buying, Must I Quit (Fashion) Blogging? I fear so...

May 19, 2010

... And I don't know what to do ...

After I read two articles by Ashe Mischief on Dramatis Personae and Independent Fashion Bloggers, I eventually started to worry and ponder about myself.

The articles hold truth about pressures, but for me it's about living the window shopping life and if I see it, I want it, I more likely buy it.

Then I got sick (I still am) and couldn't muster the energy to blog. I've been absent for a while because of this. It's like the "do I have mono?! groan" variety -- or really bad PMS fatigue. I can't write if I have no brain power (nor did I have cleaning muscle power most of this time).

Also, I didn't want to buy clothes. Or even shoes. Well I did but not enough to overpower the strict itemized budget I set for next month. I'm also happy waiting out the rest of this month not shopping. Yes, I spent the very beginning of May buying too much, but I think I can change.

I do want to spend money, but I want to focus more on things for the home. We're in desperate need to put everything in a proper place in our new apartment (and we've been here since December). I will contribute to "us" and the money is better spent.

Then there's still the blogging looming ... I even have this new shoe blog that could pose some nasty problems... Since yesterday (Monday), I've been depressed and wondering what I should do. This used to be quite the opposite case, but my blogging money is less than my other income. More than what I make from fashion (blogging) I've been spending on fashion.

What am I thinking is my initial plan?

Streamline, focus, trim the subjects. No more product browsing for product features? Probably. I love writing about interesting design news, and I've come up with a better-for-me way to photograph my clothes (to be seen later). I've been thinking about focusing the blog to be fashion design and personal style(styling). It works for me and it may not entice me so much.

Out of sight, out of mind. (Out of closet, in my wallet.)

Hoping for the best, I'll still be seeing you 'round the blogosphere.

Photo from Sliding Door Company via Jen's Organizing Blog

Fashion Copyright Protection Will Happen, says Caucus Co-Chair

May 05, 2010

A new and official fashion design caucus was recently formed on Capitol Hill. Of its inevitable success, co-chair Carolyn B. Maloney said,

"We are working on a bill now for copyright protection and we are going to pass it this session."


All of the flickr fashion sketches claiming copyright, currently it's partly-erroneous. Click to view owners.

Counterfeits with pirated designs and fake labels are absolutely prohibited by law, but it doesn’t provide any protection for the same fashion design when the pirates omit the label. ... We’ve got to stop that and we will stop that.

There has been a movement from very small fashion designers and crafters to stop such a bill, in the thoughts that it would be cost-prohibitive to very small business. Even though I'm attempting to become one of those designers/businesses, I absolutely am for this protection. Despite the cost, depending on exactly how high it could rise, it has potential to stop huge, famous companies from creating and selling indie designs almost completely under the radar to unwitting customers. Since most people don't know this theft exists, these unscrupulous business people are absolutely the ones who get away with this crime more often. Don't you want to protect your fellow crafters and Internet peers from the big bullies with power? We can help take their power away. Sure, putting out a collection will mean saving more money first, and we'll have to be super-secretive about our designs and sketches until we have our protection (there is a debut time limit to even get things copyrighted) - but I see it as a long-term saver. Of course, stores like Forever 21 could either suffer or suddenly need to get creative, namely cheap clothesmakers will have to ... design. Dun dun dunnn. Perhaps we won't be able to wear runway style, but I hope companies will still make fabulous but more unique pieces. Who wants to look like a fashion victim in an unoriginal, anyway? Besides, we can still wear things like Zac Posen for Target. Also, it would be nice to prohibit celebrities like Paris Hilton from making blatant shoe knockoffs. Plus with those companies requiring more-in-number and more-creative design, there should be a larger number of design job openings, and ones for more talented people. That could also benefit the community of smaller designers. Do you agree/disagree? Comment! If you want this to pass, and especially if you have requests for stipulations (like a maximum fee amount), please write to your local legislature! Via The Cut

Chick Savvy: Louis Vuitton iPad Case; Is it for the Birds?

May 03, 2010

*Update: Now with a poll!*

Louis Vuitton has produced a case for the new iPad

Want or Waste?

GQ.com got the exclusive preview of Louis Vuitton's to-be-released iPad cover, and we're unhappy it wasn't shipped to women! (Hence our photoshopping.) But that's not the real story, it's all about the LV! (Although you can see our vanity here, it's always about moimoimoi, natch.)

Despite the typical Apple buzz and obvious profitability, the upscale design hauses are increasingly showing their tardiness in producing iPad accessories, and even though Louis Vuitton is the first gal-beloved big brand to showcase a case, the actual product won't be available until 2011 (no word on month). Perhaps they can blame it on the time it takes time to craft high quality luxury - just think Hermès and the ladies will understand.

Even though it is Louis Vuitton and well-crafted, you may not care for the "exclusivity" pricetag of $366 when the most cost-effective version of the device itself runs little more than $100 more ($499).

A luxurious and secure home for your precious gadget

I do make this argument to you though, depending on how you treat your iPad (examples of use below), it may be the next important gadget down from your laptop. It might hold important or private files, photos, perhaps even your work. If you would not spend this kind of money on the look of LV alone, think of the durability of the materials and workmanship and how much those things mean it can protect this Comp Lite.

If you're not sold, that's great, and you can say you're not a fashion victim. However I do ask you not to knock it ... with all that knocking over you or your clumsy friend will inevitably do with the pad.

Buying it? May we suggest the Damier - subtle is classy.

[caption id="attachment_3230" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="We photoshopped a woman's hand onto the image to make it more girl-friendly than the GQ article/photos. ;-) Should we say you're welcome or just commit ourselves? ;-)"]

Or perhaps it's protection-schmotection, if your iPad has cat scratches anyway...

If you're wondering whether I would buy a luxury case from Louis Vuitton
, or wait for a lower designer like Coach, or just go with something else that's nice and suits me but is likely more affordable ...

The answer is no, but partially because I don't even have any near-future plans to get the iPad, so that would surely be a waste of money.

You see, I see the iPad as really great for two things, one: a nice point-of-sale device, useful for craft shows (and I don't have real plans to do craft shows in the future). Two: an awesome but expensive cat toy, and I'm allergic to cats. Another waste.

Wait, a double waste. Darn my dweebish, allergic body. I'd love a cat and she'd love this cat toy - I mean iPad. Not a waste of $500 plus app costs at all, right?

Bonus! Poll!

The iPad itself, is it...

[polldaddy poll=3145809]

Vera Wang for David's Bridal - When & How Much

May 03, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3222" align="alignright" width="175" caption="Spring 2010 Vera Wang gown in the $3000 - $4000 range"]

Vera Wang is coming to David's Bridal! I know all of we gals who are unmarried are so excited (right??) that I should just rush & skip right to the important details:

  • When the line debuts: Spring 2011
  • What the price points are: $600 to $1500, most dresses costing under $1200!

Read more at The Cut.

By the way, Vera Wang's NYC flagship store has an annual sample sale, so if you choose to camp out for that, you could actually score a high-end Wang for under $1000!

Launch: Kiss Me in Heels .com - my new shoe blog!

April 26, 2010

I have so much to catch up on with it like posting pictures of shoes, but because I need to SOON post my Louboutins is why this is debuting!

[caption id="attachment_3164" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Click to visit the site"]

Gisele Bündchen Admits she Doesn't Design Her Line

April 12, 2010

[caption id="attachment_2901" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Gisele in an Hervé Léger bandage dress, holding her Ipanema flip-flops"]

On Thursday, Gisele Bündchen introduced her eighth flip-flop collection with Brazil's largest footwear company, Grendene, titled "Ipanema".

She admitted that she doesn't really design the line at all, saying

“I am very inspired by nature and like to use that for my ideas, but actually designing them — no way. I would be a disaster.” WWD

You probably know what we think here at our lippy HQ, but

What have you got to say?

I have more questions than will fit in a poll, well namely 2:

  • Do you think Gisele doesn't even deserve this line or do you think she is noble for her honesty?
  • Do you think this happens with most celebrity lines, but it's just unspoken?

Photo from The Cut/NYM.

More Fashion News (Design, Publication & Tech) that's Fit to Print...

April 08, 2010

[caption id="attachment_2806" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Joan Crawford re-touched by hand"]

  • No touching, or retouching, the beautiful people. Much ado about nothing, when they don't even need it. From BK, who posted this haunting photo of Joan Crawford.
  • Jewelry brand, Dogeared, is making jewelry and other products for the films Eat, Pray, Love and Sex and the City 2. From WWD. More news when there are photos.
  • Lindsay Lohan's expending her 6126 line from just leggings to slightly beyond. From The Cut/NYM.
  • Interview with emerging denim designer, Michelle Siwy. From The Cut/NYM.
  • More ado about nothing: Last night Twitter seemed zombie-like possessed over Zoe Kravitz with a "tweet" conference at an ad campaign debut. (Or as far as we can tell.) Check it out on Twitter.

Again, Elle Editors on Bloggers, Now Take 2 Sides...

April 07, 2010

[caption id="attachment_2789" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Lanphear, Zee & Slowey"]

Three Elle editors spoke about bloggers, again, on W.F.I.T. radio (by the Fashion Institute of Technology). Two - Both Joe Zee and Anne Slowsky*---I mean Slowey---reiterated tired and old sentiments that really make me further want to shut my glossy covers.

However style director, Kate Lanphear, spoke refreshing words with soul:

"But there's also something beautiful about these fresh voices that can say something that maybe sometimes someone who does have a lot of credibility misses, or they see it through a really fresh eye. I think that's the debate that is going on in our industry full-stop, because we don't want to discredit years and years of experience and hard work and paying your dues and learning about what we do day to day, but there is something really beautiful about all of these really fresh perspectives that come out of the Internet."

Sorry to sound text-speechy, but "duuuurrr."

Fashion is visual and art; thus one of those things up to any and every beholder.

That said I am fully for accolades following proper dues-paying, both in the professional realm and even catwalk show pure fun.

Annnnyway, read more of this mostly old news at The Cut.

*Admittedly bad joke on how Anne might not like the Internet, she's "slow" to it. Eh, maybe I just felt b*tchy.

Quote: Go Personal Style PLUS Fab Style Blogger Pics!

March 11, 2010

Before you read this piece of beauty-equality fabulosity, note it comes from the blogger from Already Pretty. It's not just esteem-boosting and not just pretty, but beautiful writing!

If you hate skinny jeans and prefer bootcuts because they balance you out, wear 'em and screw the trend-hounds. If you want to wear foofy vintage dresses every single day because you feel fabulously feminine in them, do it and screw the buzzwreckers. If you think your collarbone is the sexiest thing ever created, wear scoop necks and boat necks and square necks and never ever don a collarbone-masking scarf, and screw the naysayers. Whatever you dislike, avoid it. Whatever makes you feel delighted to be alive, wear it.

And here are some of the bloggers' style shots from AP's piece. Their individual links below.

ap-faxinilucia-fiercely-real-beauty-fashion ap-jeremy-kathleen-fashion ap-eek-casual-converse-chic-fashion

Casual Converse Chic! It can be done. Yay. I was thinking so with this style of sneaker's non-bulk, so I bought a cute inexpensive version - but I'll show you those shoes later! (They're in the mail.)

Be sure to read the entire, lovely, post on Already Pretty.

Women's blogs in the photos, respectively: Yammering Muse, Jeremy & Kathleen, Eek!

Fashionista with the Flu after Fashion Week - What I've Missed

March 02, 2010

I'm sure many fashionistas in NYC got the flu or some bug this February. I mean, with the horrid health care in America, it's bound to happen more than in London! I posted a London schedule and then fell ill the very weekend in which I was going to actually work right through.

I didn't believe in flu shots, but um ... now I do, the risk just isn't worth it for me. (Mild asthma still makes the flu worse, ugh.)


So now I've rested enough for no more excuses. Here's a list of resources for those like I...

When I get a little bit more time I will review news and shows from London and Milan, and posts might come from that. If anyone has a good resource or schedule for Milan, comment or write!

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