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SatC's Michael Patrick King's New Sitcom, 2 Broke Girls; a fashionista's review

September 20, 2011

Lately, I've been yearning for a new Sex and the City; well at least a show (scripted, please!) with women wearing the latest fashions who are likeable (no housewives, thanks) and maybe, only maybe a tad younger.

Two Broke Girls

Michael Patrick King, the man who produced HBO's Sex and the City, has a new sitcom pitched to deliver some of what many women must be craving, but far from all of it. It has the city, the sex and the fashion ... with a cast from a *new-SAT-scoring* age. The set is Queens, the fashion isn't all high, and also unlike his older masterpiece, no one in this twosome is disproportionately wealthier - I guess that tastes quite savory after the unabashed overspending in Sex and the City 2, when Carrie joined the rest of the foursome in (matrimonial, for her, and even greater) fortune.

The series premiered last night on CBS (though it has the aura of The CW) at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and like many pilots, it had jokes that fell flat and characters who were slow to bloom. The preview of next week also wasn't promising.

Still, there's good, even beyond the peeks at high fashion pieces (Chloé, Louboutin and Chanel [for the huge pearl necklace] made the accessories du nuit).

I can imagine myself commisserating and bonding over budget and style with Caroline, the former-heiress of a Madoff type; this rich "b*tch" and "dumb" blonde is actualy nice with a decent business mind and an SAT score in the 99.65 percentile.

The second broke girl is Max, the tough-talking hard worker who, I imagine, won't be keen on talking style with Caroline - which might mean this series is to leave us with a bad taste for fashion, but time will tell and I doubt that's desired by creators. What the girls can share is a business dream and at least some morality, with Max hopefully teaching Caroline to drop all of her inherited "shady business" instincts. Meanwhile, Caroline vowed to impose some self-esteem onto her cynical new friend.

It looks like the goal for this show's series finale, if these girls can make it there, is to strike it rich with a cupcake shop. While baked goods fare well today, the writing of this show threatens to not make anyone in its credits any richer.

Bottom line, if this series picks up, I may at least have some up-through-2011-fashion viewing pleasure met, but I doubt the substance of this show will ever have me addicted like King's queens of HBO. For now, I keep DVRing but I'm finicky, and not just with my own accessories.

Photo credit

& Now Blake Lively & the Jovi Bag - Gossip Girl Approved

July 31, 2009

So it appears the Jovi Cross-Body and its contemporary designer company, Treesje, have been declared Gossip Girl chic level by the stylists of the show. Here is Blake Lively sporting the bag we just blogged & raved about - and she's on set filming, no less.


Treesje Jovi Cross-Body

$368.00 by Treesje at Endless.com

Photo via Purse Page

One note: Turquoise and royal blue? NO!

Is this fab or fug? We say, change out of that tunic dress, or just trash it!

The Beautiful Cast of 'More to Love'

July 29, 2009

Bigger people don't necessarily offer "more to love" - everyone knows that's up to personality. But the cast of the new dating show More to Love have some more curves to look at and I think they're all beautiful and sexy. After all, they have so much natural cleavage! Can you argue? (Well grow up if you can.)

More to Love debuted last night and airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST on FOX.

*Addition: I just remembered the premiere showed some of these ladies tell their story of never having a boyfriend or even a date. And I'm shocked and saddened. I haven't noticed this in real life whether it's my own sized-self or anyone I know of a "size". Perhaps it's partially luck, but I have two tips: Confidence helps even though you don't need it to the level of "swagger" or denial, and also - try online dating! Don't lie, of course, but there's such a variety of people, and men can see your face and personality first - and only what you display. I found online dating to WORK, for me, period.

Photos credits: Pop Power and Examiner.com.

Taylor Momsen's Edgy Style from Gossip Girl

March 17, 2009
Her bag is totally on the trends of studs and shoulders, and is in the fun, rarer choice color for this style, bright blue.

It's the Garbo Shoulder Bag from BE & D, pictured in black above with buying info.

Then there are those destroyed denim board shorts ... which we're not feeling. Mr. Fabulisto says it's likely paying a designer label for a DIY-able item (well I translated from guy-ese). And you know what, he's right!

For your consideration, we've got a less deconstructed pair, if you're into the look. Or just cut up any ol' or cheap pair to your taste's content!

Or skip it. I mean, what do you think of this look anyway? Do tell!
Taylor Momsen's edgy punk style:
Not all the Gossip Girls are uber chic and luxe-looking...

Odd Fact: Male Models "should be" Average Height

March 11, 2009

I just learned on the Today show from Tyson Beckford of Make Me a Supermodel that male models are typically between the heights of 5'10" (average) and 6'2. Any taller and there's trouble fitting in men's apparel.

Petite, 4'11"1/4 Ella says, "no fair!"

Did you think Abaete let ANT-Models Show for Real?

March 05, 2009


No, those are not the same girls. Some of you followers of fashion likely knew (if you remembered) that there were only generic faces back last September for the Abaeté Spring 2009 runway show. (One good thing about the show's model-wannabes is that they have some uniqueness to them, whereas fashion show directors often aim to create a solitary *look*.)

So Abaeté got some advertising and didn't even have to risk amateurs walking down their Fashion Week runway.

I actually say, "tsk tsk" -- and also I had wanted to show the clip of Isabella facing and conquering some adversity with those strobe lights. I was impressed, although I know many do think it should stop her hopeful career in its tracks. (I will try to find a video of this scene, I cannot yet.)

What do you think about the completely different runway show (forgive me for not knowing if this series is taped much more recently, and in that case, too early for Fall 2009 New York Fashion Week??) -- is this just me slightly overblowing a non-issue?

Nonetheless, I found this amusing.

Which of these Models is Not like the Others?

March 05, 2009

A sampling of this season's contestants on America's Next Top Model.

It's a trick question. Sorry. I really, truly am. This Top Model season/cycle's (or perhaps in general, and most in the modeling world) "plus" sized model is on the thin side of average, looks better than most American women---almost looks as skinny as the other America's Next top Model contestants and in some shots precisely as thin. To top it all off, it's a very bad thing for America's youth and even adult women in our society.

I know I would have to go on the supermodel's diet to look as fit as this model. (Granted, her height does "help" her, as with most plus-sized models.)

So now which one should be singled out as "heavier" or "bigger"? Click to read full post

America's Next (Plus) Model, Kortnie on her 'Temple'

March 05, 2009

Your body is a temple and sometimes my temple wants cheesecake.

Kortnie on what she loves about being a plus-sized model (and the extra freedom her shape gives her).

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