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Missoni for Target - Target B&M - Day 1 Part 2 (Tue. night)

September 18, 2011

Missoni zig zag signature print

(Read Part One, a prelude) On D Day (national debut day, in this case turned slightly doomed for most fashionistas) I had a somewhat normal schedule, as in I couldn't get out shopping until night on that work day. Super normal on a weekday, right? The norm??

Apparently, Missoni is not business as usual when it comes to Targét collabs.

Me, I'm not really a shop-online girl unless it's a necessity for some reason, and living in South Florida, a land of rejecting high fashion (aside from downtown Miami and Boca Raton - IMHO) I saw no necessessity to torture myself with the uncertainty of such things (sizing, mostly, plus "shipping cost" morphed into a single 4-letter word to me amidst recession).

Apparently, the locals agreed ... except seemingly the masses were not held back by normal business hours, and I hadn't anticipated this.

Perhaps when it came to the Target collaboration with Missoni, things changed around my parts. I'm guessing driven by the virtual signature of the brand's items (zigzag = designer = rich! shiny! droooool) people wanted this stuff more.

Around 9 p.m., I arrived at "Sawgrass Super Target" and entered close to the apparel section, then began puzzling at the "Xhilaration" tops under the grand Missoni banner. I asked a nearby, busy employee if Missoni had "all" sold out and was told yes. Cocking my head, I asked about "non-clothing Missoni" (I had been daydreaming about those bright bath towels) and, distracted, she confirmed and added that there were 3 coats left, inexplicably (my opinion) relocated to in front of the women's dressing rooms. (Why weren't they prominent?) Seemingly shocked, she claimed that they had "sold out" by 10 a.m. ... In non-Miami Florida?

No MissoniAnother local Target, later on.

By the night of the 13th, in Sunrise, Florida, there were those puke-colored coats (the ones hung by the fitting rooms) and, despite that one clueless employee telling me the 3 green coats were all that remained, miscellaneous items scattered around, mostly out-of-place and hard to find. Also plenty of notebooks and several shoes (shoes fitting me!) were rightfully stocked. There was one lone, misplaced knit sweater that, luckily in a way, helped me realize I am allergic to these knits, even at Target, a land of non-wool and happiness in cardigans pour moi. (I can't wear any animal fibers except occasionally sheepskin.) This means I don't have to worry about trying to find a dress from this collection in the future, and I can save that money for my personal favorite clothing item, the tie-neck top. (Just saying.)

Finally, there was probably every single last black & white carry-on luggage piece they probably even stocked for that morning. Why? (We're working on theories.)

All this general lack of stock helped me realize that I really, really did want that darned bath towel! Oh well, if it's meant to be it will be.

I did pick up these shoes and the made-for-Target by the makers of Foot Petals inserts to go in 'em. I'm heading back for more of those, I tell ya.

Missoni for Target heels
I haven't yet been able to take my own photos of these pumps, and this story's still not quite finished, either! I really wanted to throw this up so I can talk about something else, as well, though. :-)

In the end the question is: was this really worth it to that many people to take the day off to buy discounted "designer" or were there just too many people working their eBay jobs minute 1? Eh? Eh?

(Crazy Shoes) "Do these shoes make my feet look fat?"

January 25, 2011

Made to measure

Christian Louboutin Measuring Tape Sandal

$795.00 by Christian Louboutin at Neiman Marcus

How about my butt?

Don't worry, at least ankles are always skinnier in Loubies!

What's your vote (just not on my fat, please)?

Thing that makes me go, "Hmm ... GET ON MAH FEETS NOW!"

January 25, 2011

Manolo Blahnik tweed lasti

Manolo Blahnik Tweed Boucle d'Orsay


Bouclé, d'Orsay, big name ... and metallic threads?! Seriously, I'm going crazy for these. I would sell both my little toes to get these, if need be. That might even make wearing them a better experience, seeing as they're notorious Manolo Blahniks. Since I might greatly benefit in pain relief in general from that "sacrifice", you need know that I would do many other things, as well; in ways from smart and moral to DOS-attacking NM.com so they don't sell out.

They simply mustn't sell out before I get my beloved pair. That is why I must act fast, use all my resources and why I say "get these on mah feets NOW" - it's a rare thing I cry!

Thoughts of the Moment on Loss & Shopping + Fendi

January 13, 2011

Fendi Nude ankle strap logo sandals

In the past when tragedies, like this recent shooting, have happened I've felt that fashion is too trivial to care so much about on a multi-times-per-day scale. Right now though, I'm posting this after a hiatus relating to personal career woes and worry about overspending. I shed tears for these victims and here I am pondering style.


I recently don't care if I have cash to spend - is this a positive effect from a highly negative event? I don't know. I still fret that blogging will make me desire too much.

I can't make sense of the hate in the world, just like no one can. I really can't tie it in to fashion either, except I must remember that I try to tie in the deepness in my brain back into a fashion blog.

I can't help but think of what John Stewart said this Monday (after the shooting). Things like, "how do you make sense of these types of senseless situations?" Plus things like, "I refuse to give in to that feeling of despair"...

I'm reminded of the at-first-seemingly prick-like mantra that "life goes on". When we are first grieving that sounds like a careless mentality, but it is just both a sad and positive truth. It does not mean that we throw away our love and sorrow, but it is a reflection on how not only life beside us goes on but that eventually we will smile and later find joy again, even though we will always love and care for the gone, or respect tragedies, but that life and grief can coexist. It must for our survival.

We will shop again. Art is a part of life, accessories are sometimes, or seemingly, needed. We must not feel bad for desiring to be stylish. No more so after loss than during triumph.

Never hate yourself because you are beautiful.

Ends are sometimes rough, and is there a perfect way to end a post such as this?

No, but I now want to try to quickly touch upon, after I spoke of why I've been absent, where I've been and will continue to be. I can't promise daily posts now, although I want to try to frequent my blog again. I do know I'm already depressed that I cannot afford these lust-worthy excesses. I can though promise ramblings about my life and fashionable links on my personal Facebook account. It might interest you to friend me in order to follow me. I welcome you (just please mention my blog). My account is: [link removed, sorry].



Fendi The Fendista Patent Leather Sandals

Fabulous, yet sensible shoes? Great! Let me wait a year to see if  they make the outlets - yeah right. ;-)


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