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SatC's Michael Patrick King's New Sitcom, 2 Broke Girls; a fashionista's review

September 20, 2011

Lately, I've been yearning for a new Sex and the City; well at least a show (scripted, please!) with women wearing the latest fashions who are likeable (no housewives, thanks) and maybe, only maybe a tad younger.

Two Broke Girls

Michael Patrick King, the man who produced HBO's Sex and the City, has a new sitcom pitched to deliver some of what many women must be craving, but far from all of it. It has the city, the sex and the fashion ... with a cast from a *new-SAT-scoring* age. The set is Queens, the fashion isn't all high, and also unlike his older masterpiece, no one in this twosome is disproportionately wealthier - I guess that tastes quite savory after the unabashed overspending in Sex and the City 2, when Carrie joined the rest of the foursome in (matrimonial, for her, and even greater) fortune.

The series premiered last night on CBS (though it has the aura of The CW) at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and like many pilots, it had jokes that fell flat and characters who were slow to bloom. The preview of next week also wasn't promising.

Still, there's good, even beyond the peeks at high fashion pieces (Chloé, Louboutin and Chanel [for the huge pearl necklace] made the accessories du nuit).

I can imagine myself commisserating and bonding over budget and style with Caroline, the former-heiress of a Madoff type; this rich "b*tch" and "dumb" blonde is actualy nice with a decent business mind and an SAT score in the 99.65 percentile.

The second broke girl is Max, the tough-talking hard worker who, I imagine, won't be keen on talking style with Caroline - which might mean this series is to leave us with a bad taste for fashion, but time will tell and I doubt that's desired by creators. What the girls can share is a business dream and at least some morality, with Max hopefully teaching Caroline to drop all of her inherited "shady business" instincts. Meanwhile, Caroline vowed to impose some self-esteem onto her cynical new friend.

It looks like the goal for this show's series finale, if these girls can make it there, is to strike it rich with a cupcake shop. While baked goods fare well today, the writing of this show threatens to not make anyone in its credits any richer.

Bottom line, if this series picks up, I may at least have some up-through-2011-fashion viewing pleasure met, but I doubt the substance of this show will ever have me addicted like King's queens of HBO. For now, I keep DVRing but I'm finicky, and not just with my own accessories.

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Thing that makes me go, "Hmm ... GET ON MAH FEETS NOW!"

January 25, 2011

Manolo Blahnik tweed lasti

Manolo Blahnik Tweed Boucle d'Orsay


Bouclé, d'Orsay, big name ... and metallic threads?! Seriously, I'm going crazy for these. I would sell both my little toes to get these, if need be. That might even make wearing them a better experience, seeing as they're notorious Manolo Blahniks. Since I might greatly benefit in pain relief in general from that "sacrifice", you need know that I would do many other things, as well; in ways from smart and moral to DOS-attacking NM.com so they don't sell out.

They simply mustn't sell out before I get my beloved pair. That is why I must act fast, use all my resources and why I say "get these on mah feets NOW" - it's a rare thing I cry!

HQ (large) Previews of Lanvin for H&M with (USD) Prices

October 22, 2010

Below are Hi-Res Previews of Lanvin <3 H&M

So the Lanvin for H&M previews have begun, and I'm continuing to worry that what I want will not show. It's this Amalia bag (preferably tote) I blogged about in 2009, pictured to the right. (This is Lanvin Paris, the full-priced line, for those who don't read blog words - oh wait, nevermind. ;-))

If I'm still left wondering if there's anything at all for me, at least there's FabSugar, with most of their wishlist satisfied already. Of course, they weren't yearning for a purse with a bow (/chain strap). (They probably also aren't restricted to one small buy. ;-))

I'm also not extremely thrilled with the prices and American exchange rate. The best dresses will run about $157 USD and for bags, $40 American for a clutch, on up.

At least the exchange rate isn't what it was a while back, with the U.S. dollar being double of the British Pound - if that were the case now I (and many) would be heartbroken.

Read more price points (for Britain) at Vogue UK.

By the way, no word on pricing for the fabulous pairs of shoes seen below.

On to the eye candy; it is so, so tasty.

Click (above the black) on the pictures for largest size.

2 Reasons, Beyond Price, Why TJ Maxx/Marshall's Are Better than 'Needless Markup' Stores

September 23, 2010

I'm home from an event held by TJ Maxx (which is also the same company as Marshalls, they're both really similar, and together a huuuge "buyer" power).

Too aware of the tons of blog posts about this Behind the Seams event that go over all the lessons we learned (and I re-learned, but in a fun way) (search Google and see), I know while I'll be blogging about it, I'll be doing it my own way.

Nanette Lepore: a sample brand (an uber fave of mine!) at a TJ Maxx that has a higher-end section. Search the TJ Maxx website for what's near you.


  1. More colors or even styles in those fashion items. Regular department store heads/buyers are too concerned with and worried over what might not sell. The TJ Maxx company posesses the knowledge that they fare better being fearless so they can better appeal to the designers, directly, which is just one small way they get those savings they pass on to "Maxxinista" customers.
  2. While one is loading up on $17 jeans or up to %60 marked down items from designers that can range from Gucci to Nanette Lepore to Diesel to The Limited (wait, seriously? Yes, The Limited is at TJ Maxx and not just their own stores - get their great pants fits for less!) ....... annnnyway, while one is loading themselves with all this stuff to try on, she can do that shopping with a shopping cart, instead of a deadening arm. (It's a positive blend of high and low.)


Surely now, more than ever, I am a Maxxinista. Whether it's for those super affordable pants, or later when I have a little more in the budget, going nuts over any Nanette Lepore shipments. Le sighhhh.

There's a lot more to blog about, including, hopefully, what I wore, and even a giveaway or two. But not only am I currently exhausted, but I have a family emergency. I will get to as many posts as I can in the coming days!!! (And I should get to more details about my family plans.)

In the meantime, in between checking back here, of course; feel free to check out a few of the other bloggers who attended:

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