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Coach Finally Does Their Take on an Affordable Birkin

August 09, 2008

With a flap fastened by their signature turn-lock, no key required or present, this bag is undeniably Coach-style, yet unmistakenly Hermès-inspired.

The Hamptons Leather Flap Tote
(in Coach's oft-literal naming style.)

I would totally buy one of these, but only if/when...

  1. I make more money again... paying rent + utilities now and times are tougher..

  2. They shorten the handles a bit.

  3. They do some punchier colors. Red or blue? Something still neutral and wearable.

Still I think this goes in the positive ranking for Coach.

Top New Year's Choice: Gucci Crystal Evening Clutch

December 24, 2007

This bag is all silver and gold, and perfect for the holidays. That's gold metallic leather (very structured) with silver hardware. This "Crystal" clutch by Gucci would be a great gift for your girlfriend if you're still stuck on what to get - as good as jewelry! Hey, it's much better than some afterthought "present" - natch. All you need to do is take a trip to your nearest *nice* mall and go in to Neiman Marcus, look for the Gucci section or room (it's really nice in that store fellas, can you handle it?) and of course fork over the $495 dollars. Trust me, that's a pretty good price!

Gucci Crystal Clutch Purse

It'll work out, with gifts like these, you'll be virtually written a pass to get out of the dog house until your choices for Valentine's day materialize. Plus when she carries this beauty to your New Year's Eve event, you'll definitely get a nice kiss at midnight ... or something more later.

Single ladies, or less fortunate coupled gals who won't get such a nice treat, you might want to use your card money and invest in this fabu clutch as your New Year's party evening bag. This on your arm is better* than a man tying you down anyway!

*Apologies to the fabulously in love, it all depends!

THE Coach Bag to Gift this Year

November 21, 2007

This post is part of our Early Gift Guide Week.

Is definitely THE Coach bag of the year (chosen upon the merits of my Coach devotion and knowledge): Legacy Signature Satchel (preferrably the 2nd version of this style, available now on www.coach.com). This bag has it all (Classic Signature, famed new Legacy, its black and brown/tan people!, and this Fall's rendition on the style has the added bonus of side buckles, which is my personal favorite touch to a purse) and then some (unfortunately it's heavy). But there's another bonus, the dogleash clip on the front does not flap over the closure, so it's a bit more practical than last year. It's the ultimate, this year (and the entire year!), for the biggest COACH fans (so be sure she doesn't already have one, ha).

Such an important purse does come with a higher-end pricetag; $698, but GOD will she love you! (I would!)

Red Bag Rundown - ver. COACH

November 09, 2007

COACH red Hamptons Leather-Signature HoboRed. It's the hottest color of the season. And why not? We're living in spicy times, and autumn is aflush with warm hues that fight any bad weather.

I'm scouting red bags around the web - preferrably more affordable ones, since it's trendy, bold and we DO want to collect collect collect! So .. how about COACH?

Hamptons Leather-Signature Hobo - $368

Carly in leather - red - $398 (I personally want this one)

Hamptons Leather-Signature Flap Satchel - $498

Plus there's more! Search Coach bags by color at www.coach.com!

Coach Red Carly and Flap Satchel

LE Dooney & Bourke Celebrity Designed Bag by Hayden Panettiere

November 09, 2007

Dooney & Bourke really knows how to pick a celebrity to give them a little publicity, while also targeting one of their main demographics: teens (no, not sci-fi buffs). Hayden Panettiere has designed a bag for the brand, to come out for the Holidays 2007. Like a hero, super star Hayden, who plays Claire Bennett on the wildly popular, Heroes TV series, actually designed something a bit more toward the classic end of Dooney's style - no, she didn't go the teeny-bopper pattern route. (Miss P., you are redeeming yourself from your past escapades of friend's shirt licking!) Maybe the subtle look of the actress's design will help to mature her peer's own senses of fashion?

A limited edition bag, due to arrive to order in early December, it is however just a bit lacking in creativity and that something special to warrant its exclusivity, stature, and the slightly higher price tag than many Dooney's, at around $500.

Really, in order to warrant me buying a Claire Bennett purse, a kind of plain one, a bit too expensive one --- well I want it to be a true super hero bag and be indestructable, with a warranty for free repairs - or "regenerations" by the Dooney company.

But that's just the Geek Chic in me!

via Bag Bliss

Isabella Fiore has come into her own!

September 05, 2007

Isabella Fiore Baroque a GoGo satchel

Seeping in the sophisticated and elegant with the past (and current) quirky and oft even western purse styles, is designer Isabella Fiore. The brand is my new favorite for intricacy, quality and ladylike-ness mixed with that COACH pricepoint.

The line seems to be increasingly popular on eBay, too, for I lost an auction. Oh drat! Well, I need to save my pennies, 'cause I think I've found an apartment to move into!! Oh yes.

While it's hard to admire such great work as Fiore's from afar, when even the small house now demands drooling attention. I can do it. Because - afterall, I can't afford all the styles I see that I then want, can I?

Mandy Moore at COACH Event with Limited Alligator Satchel

April 15, 2007


Fresh from an "event" held by COACH (anyone got the scoop on that?), here is Mandy Moore, with new guy pal, and a fab Coach bag. Forget the guy, it's the bag that's interesting! I've never seen this exact style before, but I know what it is. It's the Coach Soho Large Satchel in alligator and it must be super, super limited edition and expensive. No, Coach just does not do croc-embossed!

Here is a close-up of Mandy's satchel next to a regular-leather version available now for $458 at www.coach.com.


Mandy was even seen at LAX Airport wearing gold Coach (see the turnlocks?) shoes (actually, shoe, since she'd injured her foot previously), but they're not the same ones she wore to the event. Hmm.


Juicy Couture 'It Girl' Frame Satchel

March 06, 2007

Juicy Couture ‘It Girl’ Frame BagI don't often like Juicy Couture bags enough to think of them as blog-worthy, but this 'It Girl' framed satchel is pretty attractive, and Juicy's signature crown is really working here!

The large-sized bag has a shoulder strap, gathered body, and crown-shaped oversized kiss-lock frame closure. is 14" w x 8" h x 6" diam, comes in white or black leather, with silver-tone hardware and sells for $625.

Now Juicy just needs to shed their 'Teen Girl' image, and more fashionistas will drool over nice bags as this!

Isabella Fiore Elegant "Terry" Frame Bag

February 28, 2007

Isabella Fiore Terry Frame BagThis season of Isabella Fiore handbags is the best the designer's had out of the past several. With styles to suit more varied tastes - western, ladylike, edgy, light & fun - I even found two bags I really want to get this Spring to represent my appreciation.

The "Terry" frame bag is black and white with extremely intricate elegant embroidery (I even see heart outlines in it, how cute) and mod shape hanging fobs. This large sized, detail-filled, purse is only $475 to bag.

That's not looking too sweet with me buying two, but hopefully I can spread out my purchases. One for now ... one mid-Spring? Alas, I'm trying to save my money at the moment, but I'm working on it!

Coach's Brand New Hamptons Andrea Satchel

January 29, 2007

Coach Andrea BagOne of the spanking-new Coach silhouettes for 2007 (since the Fall, this has been a big growing time for Coach) is the Andrea Satchel in the Hamptons collection.

It's medium-sized with a rectangular shape, contrast stitching and totally modern details. Studs, lots of stitching and great side decoration make up the style's individual look, with tassels on one gusset and a dog-leash clip attaching the top zip closure to the bag (genius idea!).

In brass hardware, also with a brass lozenge hangtag, the Andrea comes in black, white, cognac brown and a dark olive. At 13.25" l x 8.25" h x 7" w, the new favorite from Coach comes in at $598.

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