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The VMAs and More Things You (May Have) Missed During NY Fashion Week

September 20, 2010
Emails and tweets. I know this is true for people I contacted! Get thee to those reply buttons, sisters!
Grandparents' Day. Sorry, Nana, your card is will be in the mail, on a plane, I promise!
The VMAs. While many didn't miss it, I was sure late to ponder it's white carpet, let alone watch it on my DVR.

What's most fun for me, and possibly many, is to ponder myself on that carpet. What would I have worn?

*diddley oop, diddley oop* ...

Depending on my budget, of course. What would you, or did you, wear?

Dress Of ... Boy, It's Worth a Long Time (& Cheap, Too!)

August 26, 2010

Ever since I discovered Arden B. it seemed a little out of my reach. I loved its styles, but many were just a little more than I could afford back then. And I'm not even doing as well currently.


But this dress has a high style look for a great price, relatively; $69!

It reminds me of this Valentino dress I blogged about a while back, which went for over $500. Sure, they're different, but that makes this even better. We don't need to be copycats of catwalk pieces.

If you're in need of a Little Black Dress, this coral number comes in both colors, plus turquoise. You might want to check out the store's other offerings, as well.

Real Woman, Christina Hendricks, on Cover of GQ - Healthy Body Image(s) #2.5

August 25, 2010
It's far from surprising (why should it be?), but it's huge for female self-esteem, for an actress like Hendricks to grace the cover of a male's magazine. Thanks, GQ.
Number 2 in the series, ok 2.5 if you count my butt---actually my thighs. (Here I was wearing shorts - for the Internet, go me!)

On the cover of men's mag, GQ (right), is a sexily*-curvy woman; Christina Hendricks.  It is not about curves or a round figure, it is about sex appeal - this is a body men love and women admire and even relate to!

(*And, yes, made-up words are awesome.)

Mag Layout: "Retro Sophistication" Dressing Inspiration

July 15, 2010

50s are long ... back!


Louis Vuitton

helped inspire a new hemline, with the past being au courant.

A short-sleeved jacket keeps it professional in the sun.

Summer Breeze:

A single-layer of

a float-away top

is oft so required

when the tough gets


Inspired by a stylist prompt post on FabSugar. This will be my ensemble goal as soon as I have somewhere to go once I'm all dressed up. It's not going to be receiving the cable guy (modern housepersons just don't dress as nicely!), nor the casualness of purchasing a new car this weekend. I will make this work by next week though ... or by grocery shopping tonight. Since "retro sophistication" is a huge part of my personal style, I can re-create many inspired outfits from the feel. Like I will, you should make it work for you, your locale, and your lifestyle.

Cole Haan bag beauties - from funky to femme

October 29, 2009
Cole Haan has a current web ad campaign with large purses that appear to be luxe quilted suede (note to self) but when seeing the bags (The Sloane collection) upclose, the disappointment that they are different quickly dissapates.

I don't know quite how to explain the look  (at least I can't be sure without an in-person examination) but it's new & fresh, girly & intricate - and totally covetable and admirable in design.

Go Cole!

(Also since I've been out of the shoppers' market, it seems one old style (something about "lunch"?) has transformed into the new "Denney" - still cute.)

Inspirations: #081809 ; Unique "Buckles", "Tassels" & Pockets, too!

August 19, 2009

Bags both by Sharif. Shop Sharif bags at HSN.

New Quirky Limited Line from Forever 21: Twist presents Cirque 21 - What to Buy, How to Wear

July 30, 2009
(These are not necessarily the items going in my "bag" - no stealing, natch. ;-))


I'm confused. There are too many names n there. Maybe I'm just too tired.

But the story is: trendy discount fashion shop, Forever21, debuted a new collection yesterday. It's apparently limited, but perhaps that's a good thing, since the styles are pretty quirky. But actually, a big part of me loves a lot of this stuff.

Perhaps a response to crazy rock star style. With its multiple names, that's certainly fitting. (Is this 80s junctioned-a-posed-with petticoats "rock" style in now? I must be so naturally trendy as I've been feeling it for a while for sure, not to "Lady" GaGa extremes, but something much more like this Forever21 range, what kismet.) Like the ballet-inspired skirts and fingerless gloves my imaginary-rockstar-alter-ego would love for the stage. But since I'm in fashion, and want to dress for these jobs I want, how to fit the zanier pieces into my (or your) style?

To be fair, a lot of these items - on their own - are the ever present taste-of-fashionista always at Forever 21 - but some others, need some working into our wardrobe.

What we should do is pick and choose, when in real life. And not just by putting only 1 piece in 1 ensemble, but shop scrutinously and think things over before you press that final purchase button. So recessionista, too.

And it's the affordability of Forever 21! So for that and the exclusive, limited quantities - don't forget that! - I think I must go for it!

Not to be impulsive, but I think some of this is just a fun part of me that I could otherwise just skip and personally I don't want to miss out on broadening to all of my fantasy styles. Also since I might be impuslive often, and I am so tired, too much to use that discerning shopping eye, I will sleep on it.

Actually due to the recession, I should wait 'til my next paycheck tomorrow (and not just after nap) in order to fill my cart up right. I hope quantities last! (What? Some things are unavailable already. Actually, even yeterday. Eep!)

Or maybe I'm crazy and will wake up - saner with clearer eyes. Hm.*

*I drafted parts of this yesterday. And the stuff's even cuter today! Oh and I need a lot more from the rest of the Forever 21 range. Budget-planning time!

Amusing Graphic: His & Hers Closets? Big & Tiny.

July 15, 2009

Well in the "world" of closets, whose would be bigger? Hers, of course. She can fit a whole collection, whereas his might be more (jokingly) for one pair of pants. He he.

The New "Pleated" Short, A Ruffley Look.

June 09, 2009
It's like the cheerleader skirt has hit today's fashion scene, sculpted and sewn into a short.

And I'm loving this look. Since the style is not so much a trend yet, and not even common amongst stores, I've even schemed about how to convert a pleated skirt into these shorts look.

Warning: I've seen this done with too much booty, so beware, especially if you do your own DIY. Make sure it'll cover your bottom! (I mean I think we agree on not desiring that out to the grocery store or a dog walk or ... anywhere not a glittery club.)
... And in athletics:

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