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(Crazy Shoes) "Do these shoes make my feet look fat?"

January 25, 2011

Made to measure

Christian Louboutin Measuring Tape Sandal

$795.00 by Christian Louboutin at Neiman Marcus

How about my butt?

Don't worry, at least ankles are always skinnier in Loubies!

What's your vote (just not on my fat, please)?

#NYFW: Pleated & Blouson Shorts by Organic by John Patrick

September 09, 2010

Organic by John Patrick is a bit how it sounds, eco-friendly, though not entirely of the organic sector of that field. That's ok though, fabrics like wrinkle-free recycled polyester are A-OK, even if you hate polyester ... ok, maybe.

Even if one's not into the namesake's cause, the styles are alright. It's ladies who lunch for the twenty-first century, and Ella likes. ;-)

I especially like John's shorts in the SS 2011 collection. They come in the pleated short and blouson short (think "bloomers" undergarments, sort of) varieties, and again, yes I love.

I do think a pleated short can be flattering, if you disagree, you may vote below. I feel this pair (#1 below) is the ladylike gal's answer to a short, with the way this pair is cut, as the shape and pleats combine to give a skirt effect to the short.

I also love an "unskinny" short for a woman. I just feel that round, sizable thighs are natural and sexy for females. Come on, am I really wrong? I see nothing bad, at all, with a short that emphasizes curves. My 2010 summer pair had some of this feel. See them (barely, these were terrible pictures) in this (simple) ensemble post linked here. (I do however think that these might have grown large on me.)

Back to John Patrick; view the photos, and at the end of this post, you may voice your opinion.

*Note* Larger girls would probably benefit more from pair #3 than #2.

I think I know what I'll be shopping for in preparation of Spring 2011, but what about you?

See more of the Organic Spring 2011 collection at Style.com.

Now vote!

Stylish or Vile Ish? Dior Victorian Thigh Highs

September 07, 2010

These thigh high socks, or maybe actual thigh high stockings, with very feminine and Victorian detail, are by Christian Dior. They fit in with fabulous Dior and the fall ladylike trend, but they might be less lady and more trashy. Are these actually stylish or are they a big don't and reminiscent of Taylor Momsen and her "high class hooker" type of "chic"?

We know the sheer negligee they're posed with helps give the image of Lady Marmalade and the boudoir, but could these be paired up better for the everyday woman? Is the look salvageable?

Coming later; more trend polls.

*Update #2* There was an OnSugar bug for a large portion of today, 9/9/10, that may have caused more votes cast for "Vile Ish" than intended.

Fab or Fug? Tote with REAL Stiletto, Faux Shoe

June 22, 2010

If The Shoe Fits tote bag

from Collectibles Today. $69.95

A possibly cute shoe design, with a real stiletto style heel but a cloth print on the tote - clever. However the bag is akin to a grocery-style bland tote, even with more shoe printing.

What do you think? Novelty, fug, nice? Leave your vote or comment below!

Via Shoe Hunting. Click to see their current poll results, too!

Poll on a New Evolution of Ella & Pursed Lips

September 24, 2009

Since July I've been working hard on finally getting my dream really going. Since August, I believe, I've stopped seeing writing & blogging as my job and am spending an insane amount of time setting up the business for my upcoming handbag brand.

I don't want to drop Pursed Lips entirely though, even if it were to remain fairly stagnant for some time. (I have thoughts on hiring another blogger in the distant future). I know we've made a lot of changes this year, and a lot of direction turns since the summer began, probably. But in order to make things easy on myself and keep PL flowing more - I'm proposing another content direction move.

I can blog more on topics of crafting and building a business now than I can on fashion from a fan or consumer perspective. I'm pretty much solely in the producer arena now. However this blog has always been about fashion relative to its beauty, flattering perspectives, etc. It hasn't ever been about designing, even though that's been in the writer.

So I know a lot of old or current readers wouldn't care for the change, but a lot might. There will still be some commentary on looks, etc. If we make this switch, and category pages linked at the top should remain for easy filtering. Since "style" as opposed to design or business will for now most certainly not be published frequently, all the change would mean is more posts from a different angle.

My blogs have never been large, so I know this amazing change in my life should make my readers happy for me (I mean I don't need to lie and say people will die without my blogging).

But will you turn away from this new type of blog? What do you think the "mass" will do - exit? Or could I bring a different level of value to both the fashion and crafting community? There will be benefits for me to switch, but will my readers be 100% new? This is why I am posting this poll.

Thanks very much for reading!

What would you like to read on this blog?

(Men's) Fashion Standards too High? President Obama's "Dad" Jeans

July 23, 2009

Sporting Event, not a Runway Show: Obama pitches comfortably.

View more photos on the Huffington Post, then tell us what you think!

Excuse me? Our president is being picked on for his "Dad" jeans. We cannot excuse him because he is a father, that clears a path for mom jeans - but are these pants really so terrible? What do you expect grown men to wear? Sure I have standards for men's jeans, but they actually exclude those trendy styles of today. What about you?

Neil Patrick Harris Wore Liquid Suit to Host Tony's

June 08, 2009

All you fashionistas know about liquid leggings, and possibly liquid other things. But now the "trend" is branching out to men, or at least gay men ... or at least gay men at the Tony Awards, which is of course different from real straight men life, but anyway.

Photo: Socialite Life

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tony Awards in a black "liquid" suit. (No wardrobe change, either, hmm. Budget!)

So what do you think of this look?

Recessionista Bride Series: Bridesmaids; 1 Color, Many Styles?

May 11, 2009

We're starting a wedding-season and recession-season bridal series with tips on budget conscious wedding planning. With the cost of weddings, they could be useful for many whatever the year.

On to it----- so have you heard about the brides who pick one color of dress but let their bridesmaids choose from different styles, so that everyone has a better chance of being flattered? Well how to do this for different budgets, too, when boutiques seem to always charge at least $100?

What about going with that common "black" tie color itself, of course black? The 'maids could then pick from different stores too. The trick is: command all shiny dresses, none matte for they may be different darknesses.

An argument to this different price points idea is that bargain dresses may not look as good as designer ones, if any of the party, or the person paying for the entire event, can afford that anyway. I wonder what you fashionistas think of this idea, so here's a poll!

Brides, you can use this to help you decide whether this is a good idea.


Satin Tube Dress

$42.50$19.99 at Alloy

Sensible or Strange: Control-Top Thongs

March 31, 2009

It's not April Fools, but is this undergarment foolish or flattering? Control-Top thongs are a-buzz right now, removing both visible panty lines and belly bulges, but what about when a woman disrobes?

To me thongs are about sexiness and even comfort. (My big booty always has panty-ride-up anyway. If it won't cover, why not have no cover?!) But I wouldn't want to be seen in this layer of foundation. So is this under-wardrobe piece well worth it or over the top?

So why do you wear thongs, for the look in or out of pants?


Vote and view more (Warning: NSFW) Click here

Poll: Are Bubble Skirts still In?

March 18, 2009

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