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Thoughts on Sensitivity; Shaken from News of Inconceivable Brutality

September 26, 2011

The news I'm referencing is definitely too much for some sensitive people to take. You can read about it online, for example on the Huffington Post.

Note: part of what I'm about to write may also be a bit much for some!

I know this instance is not "unique", and maybe not even rare - I can't "get into" all the stories of the world, but somehow there are certain moments in time that strike one a bit harder. Sadly, there have been other recent events similar in scope, yet this is merely the one that caused me to start typing ... and I did not want to stop at something like a Facebook status update.

Also, please be aware that I know of the existence of sociopaths and understand what they are. My words are merely the utterance of shock, compassion and emotion; sensitivity; we need more of it.

I wanted to preface with this notes, but know I still welcome any genuine comments about anything - except detailing violent specifics, of course.  (I just happened to foresee some cynical questioning. Cynics are great; they are literally some of my best friends, including my soul mate; but you guessed it, that's not me.)

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For Maria Elizabeth Macias Castro

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