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Reading: 3 is a Trend; what a concept!

September 18, 2011

This simple runway-themed category, Three is a Trend, from the Harper's Bazaar fashion blog has me inspired. I've never found the time, strength or sanity to pull this kind of post out of a fashion week (let alone a series) so I doubt I ever will, but ooh I wish!

What a nice way to quickly get a feel for the upcoming seasons.

Now, as for this being done with what's currently in stores, that I could do. I always have the sanity for some shopping! In order to do this, they would need to be micro trends or sub trends, but I still feel like I'd need an entirely different name. I'm guessing it would revolve around those times when seeing a sub-trend (of a trend that's so me?) or trend combos (neck bows + camel!) x-number of times has made me want it.

Beyond that I just have to think more. Maybe the combo idea has more to it?

Anyway, here are some preview images from the H.B. blog.

Peplum for all.

Birds for the dames.

Inspired, yourself?

FriendFriday: Fall Fashion, I mean FL-all FL-ashion #FBFF

August 27, 2010

I only recently discovered Friend Friday, a blogging weekly questions group, by Modly Chic. I soon applied, and here I am in the group! I'm very happy to begin and start answering some heavy questions. This week is light and fun though; and about fall. Fall is tricky for me here in Florida, but this year I'm determined to make the looks work in our sunshine.

1. What new fashion trend are you looking forward to sporting this fall?

Ladylike, that sums me up, any year.

I don't like a lot of them (my wallet and sense of personal style is thankful!), but I love 2.

#1 - 60s.

I love modest pieces; 40s, 50s and 60s, and I love circle skirts. I can't own enough of big, flowy, knee-length skirts! But right now "the" hemline hits just below the calf, so I am trying to avoid buying the knee-length kind and will for a time only go for that lower-calf length unless the piece is really special. Honestly, I'm on the hunt for the perfect-something similar to the beige skirt from Louis Vuitton's runway (which I've blogged about already).

I already have one dress that fits the length bill, but that's not enough of course! Hence the strict shopping diet to help focus my direction for my wardrobe collecting.

The beau and I just started watching Mad Men on DVD, and we're not hooked yet, but if we continue, it could be a great source of inspiration.

As for other pieces, like jackets and such, I will work on incorporating these pieces more, too!

#2 - Lingerie as outerwear

If I can find a corset/bustier top that looks right (black/nude lace) and fits my tummy; oh I want it badly! But I vow to keep it classy.

2. Which item in your closet is most likely to be your go-to transition piece?

I hadn't really had one for Florida weather yet, so I bought these new booties that are pretty open and with open toes. Many hate that look, but they're almost essential down here in order to participate in boot-wearing as early as everyone else. Besides, they're open in general and are actually that new thang called "shooties". I hadn't known how I really felt about them until August came, and now I know how helpful this style is for a FLashionista! ;-) I've included their picture. Buy them yourself from Zappos.

Vigotti - Paquita

$79.00 at  Zappos

I'm also going to incorporate different scarves in all-weather materials, asap.

3. What item from last year are you looking forward to reinventing this fall?

I didn't buy new clothes at all over 2008 and 2009 (nor shoes and nary a bag), but I'm looking forward to bringing back lightweight non-full-sleeve sweaters and even warm-weather/short-sleeve jackets for early fall. It's hard to wear those little boleros and things in summer, surprisingly, due to the hard-blasting AC that starts on Memorial Day. I'm just not that comfortable with throwing a sweater over a bolero and of course never over a short-sleeved blazer. I'm hoping the ACs will be adjusted after Labor Day weekend, and thick sweaters can again wait until "winter".

As for re-inventing, I'm not sure I do that with old-old pieces much, but this past year I've picked up a lot of ruffley or couture-looking pieces to blend in with my other favorites, which are modest skirts and such. I'm still in need of building my perfect wardrobe and perfecting my ensembles for who I am now and ... where I am now.

I am, however, re-inventing things that are new. I'm going to wear all-year scarves, which is rarely-if-ever done here, and I will soon be wearing a "six-way" scarf a lot more ways than that!

4. What is your favorite part about this time of the year?

I hate August, wherever I am, but that's not what the question asked. I guess I like this time of year for the easing temperatures, even though it's still the rainy season until late Autumn. I can't wait for Florida winter, actually.

My favorite aspect of Fall is the fashion, which I need to struggle to use. But I will! And I will feel proud of that accomplishment, so there is that.

5. Will you be attending any fashion events this fall?

Sadly, that's not likely; it's about the money situation in this household. I will be come February March though, and I'll be prepared!

Style Star Wars - Gaga, Christina, Rihanna - Give Peace a Chance!

June 22, 2010

The Cut

It seems that many fans of certain popstars have abandoned those old loves and turned into zombies, I mean monsters, of Lady Gaga. Also, to me, it seems that there are hardly any fans of sensational voice, Christina Aguilera, still around.

Has anyone publicly stood up for "Xtina"? It's said that the songstress copies lady Gaga, but what about Rihanna?

One could say Rihanna either copies Gaga as well or she just has similar styles (couldn't they all?). Rihanna's own stylist, Mariel Haenn, vowed that Christina copies the Barbados popstar, and not the Lady. Of course, as Rihanna's own stylist, she knows the styling well, but is likely biased.

I say it could all be coincidence. They're popstars and they all dress in a form, or an extreme, of popstar/rockstar garb.

Even "civilians" follow trends, and that means many could dress alike. Aren't the spikes, leather, booty shorts, etc. just a trend that they put to extremes?

So I plead, can't we all get along and follow musicians for talent or just that other old reason, some good beats?

The Best of Spring '10 Trends - 1-A: Ruffle T-Strap High Heels

March 19, 2010

The ruffle thing is such a huge, eternal for femininity and a personal favorite trend - and yes, I'm forever hooked on the look and anything I get in the style this Spring.

They're all over nearly everything right now, but it can be a little hard to find styles beyond the normal fashionista niches in shoes - namely designer or over $50 brands and, of course, sky-high heels.

I'm a mid-heel and under $50 shoe gal, so this trend in the Spring '10 series will be split up - oh probably more than any other. But the fun is in alllll those extra shoes to at least look at!

On with the list - the photo-y list. ;-)

Badgley Mischka

5" heel - $215 @ Bloomindgales

BTW, if you MUST go pantsless...

September 22, 2009

Do not do it like Sienna did here and pair the leotard-or-whatever with pantyhose that have a different color near the crotch. That signals underwear, and not the cute kind. This is not Madonna-level under-outer-wear chic.

Perhaps we should leave this to the diva, Gaga, no?

Anna Wintour on the Pantless Trend, or NOT on it, rather

September 12, 2009

The Cut bloggers asked Anna Wintour what she thought of the pantsless trend. The infamous Vogue editor replied,

"I will never answer that question."

(As posted to their Twitter.)

We think it should be considered "wearing a skirt", like it used to, but we're classic here. (Or is that classy?)


(To the right: Anna Wintour with Sienna Miller, the stylish actress being the one wearing no pants, obv. Via Joobeelicious.)

Hair Trends for Fall 2009

August 24, 2009

A new hair style is one of the best ways to do trends. Why? Hair is usually changed every couple to a few months, that means you can update your style with the season, and also not be late to the game. You don't have to worry about Winter when Autumn is approaching, either - and that allows for some ease and a lot of fun.

Of course trends never have to be drastic, especially with hair. But what else is so easy about looking current with your tresses is you can wear anything, and depending on the styling-time, always look fresh on "top". If you want to be instantly recognized as stylish, whether you work in fashion or just like that appearance, this change can make that happen.

But there need be "signature" hair looks for a season, and not just the typical clothing/accessories stuff. And of course you've got to either know the 'do trends or research, so I'm doing that for you now.

Autumn 2009 Hair Cut Trends:

- Whether one has straight or curly hair, above-shoulder lengths that are drastically longer toward the front are popping up everywhere.
- Right now is a safer time (maybe) to dare for bangs - simply because they're in!
- Keep it long:

  • - Upgraded braids. Mix braids in with looser, other-styled or "down" hair to make it more grown-up and today.
  • - Or you could just keep it long and loose and still be trendy. Try accessorizing or home-curling for some variety.


What about color? I wouldn't suggest switching color for a trend, but while we're still recessionistas, I'm calling the go-natural a trend. Unless you hate your color or your grey, I think born-with is always most beautiful.

Photos: 1, 2, 3

"Product" Photo Essay: Inspiration Bleeds from Twilight

August 04, 2009

Above are products either actually related to the Twilight film(s) and novels, items that might appeal to fans, similar items from inspired products, or merely seemingly-unrelated wares that have become all-too related. (Including that sports fan t-shirt ["Team", geti t?].)

Scroll to the right to view more pages. Inspire thought? Leave a coment!

For more on the inspiration of this post, and how I gathered the theme to find these goods, read my article "Twilight Apparel a la Nordstrom more Teenybopper than Vampire".

Twilight Apparel a la Nordstrom More Teenybopper than Vampire

August 03, 2009

@ First Look: The Twilight inspired line coming to Nordstrom would fit in more at Delia's than with the store's mid-range/upscale image. Sadly, it's also too alone suited to the megahit's wild youthful fan base than anything more in tune with vampires or older admirers of the film and genre.

"Team" Tees Preview:

Right before and after the original film debuted, "Twilight" was also what a vamp-y trend-merely-film-inspired was called amongst the do-it-themselves fashion creators. Etsy.com was filled with Victorian-era inspired beauties like frilly wrist cuffs and luxe oldschool gothic jewelry (Read: no Hot Topic).

Example products from Fall 2008 by Little Sparrow Nest and Talula. Click images to view their respective shops.


But just like that keyword was thrown about, Sparkly Vampire mania has hit, and punched, and bitten  - extremely hard. Now the "underground" beings inspire further "Tra L.A. L.A. Land" carefree attitudes with this oh-so Junior's style.

The "glitter" from Hollywood glitz is spreading. Aside from the Nordstrom Junior's Department styles, the most recent evolution of this living trend has surfaced online from former-or-semistill-undergrounds, the indies...

Example Etsy.com clothing "Twilight" search

Another sad(ish) truth of today is that the movie-fangirlishness has brought graphic tees to Etsy as well, not that that's entirely bad and the items & slogans are not bad - or, beauty being in the eye of the beholder, at least they're not of popular-teenshop aesthetic. Fortunately, a lot of the designs are pretty dark - a stark contrast to this mass market promotion-in-sheep's-cotton-clothing at the department store.

At least we can help show fans that they have choices.

If your fashion style has a sweet tooth for notebook-doodles over Edward Cullen, by all means, shop mainstream.

If you crave something just a little more juicy or bittersweet, then do check out Etsy or other indie venues/shops. You can probably even do some hunting and find some "vamp" items, still.

New Quirky Limited Line from Forever 21: Twist presents Cirque 21 - What to Buy, How to Wear

July 30, 2009
(These are not necessarily the items going in my "bag" - no stealing, natch. ;-))


I'm confused. There are too many names n there. Maybe I'm just too tired.

But the story is: trendy discount fashion shop, Forever21, debuted a new collection yesterday. It's apparently limited, but perhaps that's a good thing, since the styles are pretty quirky. But actually, a big part of me loves a lot of this stuff.

Perhaps a response to crazy rock star style. With its multiple names, that's certainly fitting. (Is this 80s junctioned-a-posed-with petticoats "rock" style in now? I must be so naturally trendy as I've been feeling it for a while for sure, not to "Lady" GaGa extremes, but something much more like this Forever21 range, what kismet.) Like the ballet-inspired skirts and fingerless gloves my imaginary-rockstar-alter-ego would love for the stage. But since I'm in fashion, and want to dress for these jobs I want, how to fit the zanier pieces into my (or your) style?

To be fair, a lot of these items - on their own - are the ever present taste-of-fashionista always at Forever 21 - but some others, need some working into our wardrobe.

What we should do is pick and choose, when in real life. And not just by putting only 1 piece in 1 ensemble, but shop scrutinously and think things over before you press that final purchase button. So recessionista, too.

And it's the affordability of Forever 21! So for that and the exclusive, limited quantities - don't forget that! - I think I must go for it!

Not to be impulsive, but I think some of this is just a fun part of me that I could otherwise just skip and personally I don't want to miss out on broadening to all of my fantasy styles. Also since I might be impuslive often, and I am so tired, too much to use that discerning shopping eye, I will sleep on it.

Actually due to the recession, I should wait 'til my next paycheck tomorrow (and not just after nap) in order to fill my cart up right. I hope quantities last! (What? Some things are unavailable already. Actually, even yeterday. Eep!)

Or maybe I'm crazy and will wake up - saner with clearer eyes. Hm.*

*I drafted parts of this yesterday. And the stuff's even cuter today! Oh and I need a lot more from the rest of the Forever 21 range. Budget-planning time!

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