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Reading: 3 is a Trend; what a concept!

September 18, 2011

This simple runway-themed category, Three is a Trend, from the Harper's Bazaar fashion blog has me inspired. I've never found the time, strength or sanity to pull this kind of post out of a fashion week (let alone a series) so I doubt I ever will, but ooh I wish!

What a nice way to quickly get a feel for the upcoming seasons.

Now, as for this being done with what's currently in stores, that I could do. I always have the sanity for some shopping! In order to do this, they would need to be micro trends or sub trends, but I still feel like I'd need an entirely different name. I'm guessing it would revolve around those times when seeing a sub-trend (of a trend that's so me?) or trend combos (neck bows + camel!) x-number of times has made me want it.

Beyond that I just have to think more. Maybe the combo idea has more to it?

Anyway, here are some preview images from the H.B. blog.

Peplum for all.

Birds for the dames.

Inspired, yourself?

Missoni for Target - Target B&M - Day 1 Part 2 (Tue. night)

September 18, 2011

Missoni zig zag signature print

(Read Part One, a prelude) On D Day (national debut day, in this case turned slightly doomed for most fashionistas) I had a somewhat normal schedule, as in I couldn't get out shopping until night on that work day. Super normal on a weekday, right? The norm??

Apparently, Missoni is not business as usual when it comes to Targét collabs.

Me, I'm not really a shop-online girl unless it's a necessity for some reason, and living in South Florida, a land of rejecting high fashion (aside from downtown Miami and Boca Raton - IMHO) I saw no necessessity to torture myself with the uncertainty of such things (sizing, mostly, plus "shipping cost" morphed into a single 4-letter word to me amidst recession).

Apparently, the locals agreed ... except seemingly the masses were not held back by normal business hours, and I hadn't anticipated this.

Perhaps when it came to the Target collaboration with Missoni, things changed around my parts. I'm guessing driven by the virtual signature of the brand's items (zigzag = designer = rich! shiny! droooool) people wanted this stuff more.

Around 9 p.m., I arrived at "Sawgrass Super Target" and entered close to the apparel section, then began puzzling at the "Xhilaration" tops under the grand Missoni banner. I asked a nearby, busy employee if Missoni had "all" sold out and was told yes. Cocking my head, I asked about "non-clothing Missoni" (I had been daydreaming about those bright bath towels) and, distracted, she confirmed and added that there were 3 coats left, inexplicably (my opinion) relocated to in front of the women's dressing rooms. (Why weren't they prominent?) Seemingly shocked, she claimed that they had "sold out" by 10 a.m. ... In non-Miami Florida?

No MissoniAnother local Target, later on.

By the night of the 13th, in Sunrise, Florida, there were those puke-colored coats (the ones hung by the fitting rooms) and, despite that one clueless employee telling me the 3 green coats were all that remained, miscellaneous items scattered around, mostly out-of-place and hard to find. Also plenty of notebooks and several shoes (shoes fitting me!) were rightfully stocked. There was one lone, misplaced knit sweater that, luckily in a way, helped me realize I am allergic to these knits, even at Target, a land of non-wool and happiness in cardigans pour moi. (I can't wear any animal fibers except occasionally sheepskin.) This means I don't have to worry about trying to find a dress from this collection in the future, and I can save that money for my personal favorite clothing item, the tie-neck top. (Just saying.)

Finally, there was probably every single last black & white carry-on luggage piece they probably even stocked for that morning. Why? (We're working on theories.)

All this general lack of stock helped me realize that I really, really did want that darned bath towel! Oh well, if it's meant to be it will be.

I did pick up these shoes and the made-for-Target by the makers of Foot Petals inserts to go in 'em. I'm heading back for more of those, I tell ya.

Missoni for Target heels
I haven't yet been able to take my own photos of these pumps, and this story's still not quite finished, either! I really wanted to throw this up so I can talk about something else, as well, though. :-)

In the end the question is: was this really worth it to that many people to take the day off to buy discounted "designer" or were there just too many people working their eBay jobs minute 1? Eh? Eh?

Missoni for Target - Target.com - Day 1 Part 1 ...

September 13, 2011

Target Popular Missoni
"We are suddenly extremely popular."

LOL! I was going to check out fit and details of several items in store before considering checking to see if a certain online-exclusive dress was still available (it's between that or another) and this log-on I was only attempting to check when my Target closes. Too funny.

I do have stories and more from Fashion's Night Out (including photos and more regarding my FNO score!) and other things I need to post, too - and I do plan on taking my camera in to Target tonight, as well.

A great first step to blog after something has caused me to be away is an easy post, like this photo post. Hope you find the image amusing, too - as much as I hope you don't find the situation on Target.com distressing! Good luck, shoppers!

(For in-store items, one could always take a vaction to South Florida; we always have the designer stock ... and the weather should be better soon!! Of course, in order to still save money, that would need to replace an equal-priced vacation in the not-too-distant future. Oy.)

Target To Revive Popular Designs from Old Big Name Lines

October 28, 2010

Bummed you missed out on a certain dress or designer line from a big Target collaboration? You may soon be in luck; starting March 13 2011 through April 10, Target is set to bring back a couple dresses each from some of the more popular fast fashion mini collections.

The official list reads: Luella Bartley, Tara Jarmon, Paul & Joe, Behnaz Sarafpour, Proenza Schouler, Libertine, Alice Temperley, Erin Fetherston, Jovovich-Hawk, Rogan, Richard Chai, Jonathan Saunders, Thakoon, Tracy Feith, Rodarte, Zac Posen (pictured), and Tucker.

I think I'll want (another) something Luella Bartley, but I wish they were bringing back more than dresses. It seems a mystery to us why McQ Alexander Mcqueen is not involved. We'll follow the story to see if anything changes.

HQ (large) Previews of Lanvin for H&M with (USD) Prices

October 22, 2010

Below are Hi-Res Previews of Lanvin <3 H&M

So the Lanvin for H&M previews have begun, and I'm continuing to worry that what I want will not show. It's this Amalia bag (preferably tote) I blogged about in 2009, pictured to the right. (This is Lanvin Paris, the full-priced line, for those who don't read blog words - oh wait, nevermind. ;-))

If I'm still left wondering if there's anything at all for me, at least there's FabSugar, with most of their wishlist satisfied already. Of course, they weren't yearning for a purse with a bow (/chain strap). (They probably also aren't restricted to one small buy. ;-))

I'm also not extremely thrilled with the prices and American exchange rate. The best dresses will run about $157 USD and for bags, $40 American for a clutch, on up.

At least the exchange rate isn't what it was a while back, with the U.S. dollar being double of the British Pound - if that were the case now I (and many) would be heartbroken.

Read more price points (for Britain) at Vogue UK.

By the way, no word on pricing for the fabulous pairs of shoes seen below.

On to the eye candy; it is so, so tasty.

Click (above the black) on the pictures for largest size.

2 Reasons, Beyond Price, Why TJ Maxx/Marshall's Are Better than 'Needless Markup' Stores

September 23, 2010

I'm home from an event held by TJ Maxx (which is also the same company as Marshalls, they're both really similar, and together a huuuge "buyer" power).

Too aware of the tons of blog posts about this Behind the Seams event that go over all the lessons we learned (and I re-learned, but in a fun way) (search Google and see), I know while I'll be blogging about it, I'll be doing it my own way.

Nanette Lepore: a sample brand (an uber fave of mine!) at a TJ Maxx that has a higher-end section. Search the TJ Maxx website for what's near you.


  1. More colors or even styles in those fashion items. Regular department store heads/buyers are too concerned with and worried over what might not sell. The TJ Maxx company posesses the knowledge that they fare better being fearless so they can better appeal to the designers, directly, which is just one small way they get those savings they pass on to "Maxxinista" customers.
  2. While one is loading up on $17 jeans or up to %60 marked down items from designers that can range from Gucci to Nanette Lepore to Diesel to The Limited (wait, seriously? Yes, The Limited is at TJ Maxx and not just their own stores - get their great pants fits for less!) ....... annnnyway, while one is loading themselves with all this stuff to try on, she can do that shopping with a shopping cart, instead of a deadening arm. (It's a positive blend of high and low.)


Surely now, more than ever, I am a Maxxinista. Whether it's for those super affordable pants, or later when I have a little more in the budget, going nuts over any Nanette Lepore shipments. Le sighhhh.

There's a lot more to blog about, including, hopefully, what I wore, and even a giveaway or two. But not only am I currently exhausted, but I have a family emergency. I will get to as many posts as I can in the coming days!!! (And I should get to more details about my family plans.)

In the meantime, in between checking back here, of course; feel free to check out a few of the other bloggers who attended:

Plus Size Dress of the Moment

August 26, 2010

I'm not thin but not a plus size. My petiteness causes pounds to look bigger on me but also puts me in a smaller size than I look. I feel a lot of the awkwardness of the big girl but I’m a bit lucky in terms of shopping, in a lot of ways. (Not in every way though, like my breasts and stomach are not compatible sizes.)

I may someday lose all the extra weight. I’ll never be as thin as I once was, but I’ll hopefully be healthier than then. My low-sugar diet is going swimmingly and I have great hope that it’ll all be for the better, in the end.

Being at a happy weight will never wipe away the compassion I feel for the chubby and upward and the passion I have for the subject of weight, though.

I suddenly realized that while although I've written about weight issues for a long time, I never showcase plus fashions in shopping posts. I know how hard this is for a typical blogger, because no one will really "get" viewing a blog entry about a "plus" option if the model is thin, which is the case with most brands that cater to both (not well, of course). And those brands that just offer plus are a bit few and far between, eh?

I also feel bad because I couldn't find a couture-looking dress to match the dress I posted a little bit ago today. However at least this frock from Torrid has similarities, has lots of style and detail, and is even flattering.

So here it is, our first "Plus Size Dress of the Moment".

$78.00 at Torrid Black Sparkle One Shoulder Dress

"Shiny black woven dress is accented with silver sparkles. One shoulder design features pleating over left breast and draped shoulder over right. Empire waist. [Pleated, camouflaging skirt.] Front pockets."

Dress Of ... Boy, It's Worth a Long Time (& Cheap, Too!)

August 26, 2010

Ever since I discovered Arden B. it seemed a little out of my reach. I loved its styles, but many were just a little more than I could afford back then. And I'm not even doing as well currently.


But this dress has a high style look for a great price, relatively; $69!

It reminds me of this Valentino dress I blogged about a while back, which went for over $500. Sure, they're different, but that makes this even better. We don't need to be copycats of catwalk pieces.

If you're in need of a Little Black Dress, this coral number comes in both colors, plus turquoise. You might want to check out the store's other offerings, as well.

Geek Chic: Dress M’iPhone Up in Their Names?

August 23, 2010

In the world of iPhone "couture", so far we have at least Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer, with more to come, of course, for phone and pad. (Have you found more brand-name cases? Let us know!)

Shoppers’ Guide: With Louis Vuitton covers, you can imagine what they look like: logo’d. It’s classic monogram on a case with surprisingly little function for a “case 3G”, as one must remove the phone from the simple fabric containment in order to use. Its austere luxury goes for $250 (/£155). Buy it here (actual working product link).

Then Lilly Pulitzer covers are just affordable cute ($20). They have girly, colorful patterns that could appeal to any lady, fashionista or not.

At least one of the Kate Spade covers is ultra-chic (pictured, $40). The others are “cute, too”. Go Kate! (Shop all small goods here.)

But then there are Marc Jacobs’s covers, which are only coming soon. The company’s president tweeted recently about their October 2010 debut:

"MJ iPhone covers will be in stores in october!! [sic]" (screen cap below) (Ahh, Twitter. Kudos to Robert Duffy, a rare tweeter, for his short period on the site.)

I’d love to dress m’iPhone up in a new lovely cover, but in which love of mine?

With prices ranging like any items of different brands do, and starting lower than good shoes, a consumer still has a huge decision of which one, and only one, phone cover to purchase. Like a ring tone, this at least seemingly un-changing accessory might say a lot about a woman.

Even as a raging fashionista, your blogger truly is not sure if I personally want a designer cover at this point. Sure, my ring tone is "Fashion" by Lady GaGa, but I'm so much else aside from a fashion follower. (Why double-up a possibly shallow impression? Not a fair one, but it’s a real impression.)

My current cover is hot pink, but if I needed one right now, I'd be thinking pale blue (and not even trendy turquoise). I potentially would love a chic designer cover if it isn't all logo'd, and I do love Spade's, but ... well maybe it's that I don't drink martinis, as the illustrated girl is doing. Can it still call out “me” when the only real representation of myself is that it’s from the same maker of my sunglasses? Perhaps I just haven't met the right designer cover. (Close, but no martini!)

Thing is, even though I’m “over pink”, getting a new case might fall under the category of over-consumerism, even if the “splurge” is for $15, when my current one is holding up so well. And what about next year, another new case then? Hmm. I still plan for pale, pale blue; at some point. I just have priorities.

What about you? What do you think of these covers and what would/did you buy for your gadgets?

The RIGHT to Bare Legs - Campaign for Accurate Depictions of the Healthy Female Form

August 05, 2010

*Update* This piece was long and I was so upset ("my feewings wuh huwt") that I just wanted it posted, so I later made revisions to improve its readability, just improve the article's quality. (We should all simmer on huge entries!) Enjoy!

This outrageous (literally) GAP ad is the buzzing news, destined for infamy:

"Put some pants on!"
Small Text: "Because we can't all look good in shorts."

Photo: Huffington PostStephanie Marcus

Ex-squeeze my love handles, er I mean, sexy hips?

How insulting!!! As someone of the cellulited-gender - yes, entire gender (heck even a man I know *hushnottelling* has some on his rear end), and past the stickly teen years, I'm horrified. I fear further for  the eyes of the larger-sized than I.

Ugh. I call for a boycott/protest of GAP. Quick, someone start a Facebook campaign for that one! Check! Done! Look below to "like" the page! (Related in the buzzosphere, Target boycott, read all about it, if you haven't yet.)

Seriously (although I'm dead serious about the boycott, too!) though, cellulite is normal. What's abnormal is airbrushing and photoshopping. What's wrong is hiding normal, yes even healthy, bodies from public eye.

And what I learned recently, a while before this ad, is that "public eye" does not just mean magazines and TV. It means beautiful, healthy, slightly less healthy, etc., women of small, medium, large sizes - great legs or not - are afraid to bare those legs. But we have a right to bare legs! Because we feel our legs are "less worthy" than those in fashion ads (please!), we might opt only for bermuda shorts. Even when those shorten us (our legs), and therefore, widen (our entire frames). Short-shorts lengthen like a great pair of heels. So yes, they even thin us out, if a pear-shape is our problem.

Asking the question, "should some people not wear shorts?" (the Frisky) due to this ad is understandable coming from a shocked viewpoint. But asking that question is also akin to asking,

"Should female human beings not wear shorts?"

It's ridiculous. Sure, not all women have cellulite - but they should merely wait a few years. Even thin, toned middle-aged women get cellulite ... as low down the leg as the back of  the knee. Still, we can't ban shorts for women over 35, can we? What about those with beautiful curves and cellulite at 19? When will it end?

The slippery slope argument can be made, and made well I believe, in the shorts debate.

I've already written my plea to women of today in a draft for a future post about staying cool & stylish in the summer heat, but I will steal from it.

Don't be afraid to bare your cellulite. If you don't feel hot enough to stay cool in the epitome of summer fashion -shorts, you might just be wrong. Curves and cellulite are absolutely normal, and we need more images of these things, of real women, in the world. ... I won't be ashamed of something that's absolutely average.

Maybe I hate other parts, but I can live with even the least thin parts of my legs, and the rest of the world should too.

What about you? Please make some sort of pledge. Comment, Twitter, Facebook, Blog.

And please like the "cause" on this Facebook page that I did just create.

The code is below. But it's hard to read.

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