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What's In a Name? 'Schitbag' - Sweet or $h!t?

May 19, 2010
A friend of mine, the Evil Fashionisto, used to make a joke about my comments on "IT" bags. He said the opposites were s... bags.

Later on I decided to use our inside joke on this site as our own Fab vs. Fug, etc. wording.

But now one company has actually made a $h!t bag, not by ugliness necessarily, but by name.

It's actually called "Schitbag".

Would we classify the looks as $h!t? Not really. I like the straps OK, but I hate the pockets on the actual bag. Well the bag IS just pockets, like it's turned inside out.

So it's more like vomit. The vomit bag.

Excellent job!

Via The Cut, from Fashionista.

Now with More Scribbles! Lady GaGa takes Birkin Graffiti from "Statement" to Gibberish

May 10, 2010

Lady GaGa, with her plainer hair that makes her look more like Sarah Michelle Gellar than artsy performer or freakshow, graffitied some more Japanese (and perhaps other scribbles) on her infamous Hermès Birkin bag.

Message coming in loud and clear? No. More fuzzy and more "eff" you than "love you". And we don't like to receive that!

Were there any taste in her original "artwork" - a simplistic message, it's all trash now and it has us needing to stuff our mouths with cookies to get the poor taste out of our mouths. What will save our eyes? We're almost angry, but it's just GaGa. What she does to fashion is harmless, for although she has amazing influence over die-hard fans, she doesn't hold much crossover power to normal fashion or accessorizing. Will Posh follow suit? Over her deathly-thin body, we think! By the way, is it difficult to read, like we imagine it might be? Does anyone have a new translation? Photo: The Superficial [NSFW site]

Chick Savvy: Louis Vuitton iPad Case; Is it for the Birds?

May 03, 2010

*Update: Now with a poll!*

Louis Vuitton has produced a case for the new iPad

Want or Waste?

GQ.com got the exclusive preview of Louis Vuitton's to-be-released iPad cover, and we're unhappy it wasn't shipped to women! (Hence our photoshopping.) But that's not the real story, it's all about the LV! (Although you can see our vanity here, it's always about moimoimoi, natch.)

Despite the typical Apple buzz and obvious profitability, the upscale design hauses are increasingly showing their tardiness in producing iPad accessories, and even though Louis Vuitton is the first gal-beloved big brand to showcase a case, the actual product won't be available until 2011 (no word on month). Perhaps they can blame it on the time it takes time to craft high quality luxury - just think Hermès and the ladies will understand.

Even though it is Louis Vuitton and well-crafted, you may not care for the "exclusivity" pricetag of $366 when the most cost-effective version of the device itself runs little more than $100 more ($499).

A luxurious and secure home for your precious gadget

I do make this argument to you though, depending on how you treat your iPad (examples of use below), it may be the next important gadget down from your laptop. It might hold important or private files, photos, perhaps even your work. If you would not spend this kind of money on the look of LV alone, think of the durability of the materials and workmanship and how much those things mean it can protect this Comp Lite.

If you're not sold, that's great, and you can say you're not a fashion victim. However I do ask you not to knock it ... with all that knocking over you or your clumsy friend will inevitably do with the pad.

Buying it? May we suggest the Damier - subtle is classy.

[caption id="attachment_3230" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="We photoshopped a woman's hand onto the image to make it more girl-friendly than the GQ article/photos. ;-) Should we say you're welcome or just commit ourselves? ;-)"]

Or perhaps it's protection-schmotection, if your iPad has cat scratches anyway...

If you're wondering whether I would buy a luxury case from Louis Vuitton
, or wait for a lower designer like Coach, or just go with something else that's nice and suits me but is likely more affordable ...

The answer is no, but partially because I don't even have any near-future plans to get the iPad, so that would surely be a waste of money.

You see, I see the iPad as really great for two things, one: a nice point-of-sale device, useful for craft shows (and I don't have real plans to do craft shows in the future). Two: an awesome but expensive cat toy, and I'm allergic to cats. Another waste.

Wait, a double waste. Darn my dweebish, allergic body. I'd love a cat and she'd love this cat toy - I mean iPad. Not a waste of $500 plus app costs at all, right?

Bonus! Poll!

The iPad itself, is it...

[polldaddy poll=3145809]

Today is the Holiday "Boobquake" & I'm Attending

April 26, 2010

'Tis a new holiday, but it roots from ancient beliefs ... in a way. The story starts with religion, actually, but this is more of an atheistic holiday, while still remaining inviting to more open-minded religious persons as well. The tale opens with an Iranian cleric promoting the idea that not only does God/a god punishes humans for evil, but our promiscous modern times have resulted in earth quakes*.

All those bouncing boobs, apparently, have got a whole lotta other shakin' goin' on.


Not to make light of earthquakes, no, just this archaic school of thought. Sadly, though, Kazem Sedighi doesn't just blame people today, he blames women,

"Many women ... do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes"

He advises all to follow Islam to stop the havoc wreaked on the Earth by, what we know to be, natural disasters. However any normal person realizes that the earthquakes are likely caused by climate change and, as they say, women's hemlines go up when the economy goes down - so yes these things are happening more currently. It's a sort of correlation, but of course exclusive of each other, as there is no related causation to be found in rational thinking.
So part two of the story of Boobquake begins when people react to this publication, or rather, one feminist blogger. She had a "modest proposal":

Sedighi claims that not dressing modestly causes earthquakes. If so, we should be able to test this claim scientifically. You all remember the homeopathy overdose? Time for a Boobquake. On Monday, April 26th, I will wear the most cleavage-showing shirt I own. Yes, the one usually reserved for a night on the town. I encourage other female skeptics to join me and embrace the supposed supernatural power of their breasts. Or short shorts, if that's your preferred form of immodesty. With the power of our scandalous bodies combined, we should surely produce an earthquake. If not, I'm sure Sedighi can come up with a rational explanation for why the ground didn't rumble. ... So, who's with me? I may be a D cup, but that will probably only produce a slight tremor on its own. If you'll be joining me on twitter, use the tag #boobquake! Or join the facebook event! (Confused? Angry? Think my science is [carp]? Read a serious explanation of boobquake here)

Worried about participating? Don't be unless you belief in that sort of fundamentalist or die-hard religious thinking. Perhaps angry about women putting their bodies on display for objectification? I say for a special occasion, we can do what we want with our bodies. At least we're not actually being promiscuous today - it's about just the sex appeal and mere fun.

And it's in the name of scientific experimentation!

As put by Bitch Buzz's Cate Sevilla,

If you want to get your feminist panties in a twist because of all the cleavage and, erm, objectification involved in Boobquake, you can. But personally I think you should just laugh and take this as over 41,000 people (give or take a few due to the perverts) agreeing that women being blamed for earthquakes and adultery because of our immodest dress is ... ridiculous.  (Also, the word BOOBQUAKE is just fun.) Plus, McCreight also encourages people to “help out the victims of inevitable natural disasters” noting that “[dressing] modestly won’t end earthquakes”. So, if you’re not down with cleavage but still agree that Sedighi’s comments are ridiculous, why not give to the Red Cross or the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation?

In case you were wondering whether I'm participating - oh yes!

I plan to celebrate with not only my breasts, but legs and these Louboutins:

My 4" Bretelle Louboutins from the Outnet $1 sale

(or perhaps these ones, because they're easier to wear:)

My new Envols

*It must be noted that the disaster of earth quakes was probably chosen because Iran suffers a lot of them. How clever of the man, eh?

Lady GaGa's Graffitied Birkin Bag Wins her the Outrage she Craves

April 14, 2010

Lady GaGa in a Charles Youssef suit

Lady GaGa was just seen in an airport sporting long, plainer hair, a sneer, and looking generally roughed-up showing off her arm tattoo and ominous scratches. With quite hideous triangular-shaped pant legs (Charles Youssef), insanely high platform boots, and really cool/edgy Chanel gloves----she was, much more importantly, also boasting a white Birkin bag with Japanese lettering.

Lady Gaga fierce fashion: roughed up, including her Birkin Bag

Lady Gaga fierce fashion: roughed up, including her Birkin Bag

If you were to wonder whether or not Hermès sold the purse that way, or whether she butchered the most remarked symbol of fashion, the answer will likely upset you. Lady GaGa did graffiti the Japanese characters, and they actually match the writing on her arm. According to The UK's Daily Mail, it's a message to her fans, reading, "I love little monster, Tokyo love". My first reaction was fear for the poor purse, but I'm not shocked GaGa would make such a stunt. It's GaGa! She wants spectacle, and this is quite the way to get it. She wanted the attention she's getting from this scheme, and it is one, even more than she cares for fashion. So she defaced an iconic and beloved symbol worth roughly $4,600, also according to the Daily Mail -- if she were to auction it, it would be worth even more, if only to the fashionista/GaGa fangirl demographic. Even if not, this chick can afford it. The girl sure has balls, and those balls bought her that Birkin. I just wish I could get a piece of that fame's fortune. I'm also a bit saddened that GaGa cares not that she slapped her much poorer but fashion-loving fan sector in the face like this. Don't you kind of agree? Oh, I promise you Hermès, I'd baby my own Birkin!

But what do you think? OOAK IT or Trashed $h!t?

Photos from Just Jared, obvs, read the post.

P.S. The new version of Gaga's scribbles.

The Kardashians' 2nd Skankwear Collection for Bebe (yesthat'swhatIsaid)

April 14, 2010
The Kardashians have introduced what is their 2nd collection for bebe, which is set to debut April 20th.

It's not that each item is individually really all that bad in the sluttiness department (or is it?), but I do see each item is meant to show off bods (whether curvy and thin or just thin) and I can picture Kim in each one. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm talking about reminiscing over early 90's Mariah Carey (oh wait she still wears that stuff) skin tight/tube-fitting dresses.

Seriously, who wears dresses like the worst offender, pictured? (See more of the collection at Nitrolicious.) What message does it send?

"I cost $50 an hour" as a cheap prostitute, message. Not even a high class escort, just a questionable street walker.

You've been warned ... now I know you'll do whatever you want, anyway.

P.S. The shoes, they do not help.

Selena Gomez for KMart is Surprisingly Nice

April 06, 2010

"Dream Out Loud" by Selena Gomez, to debut at KMart for back-to-school 2010, by some stroke of Wizardry is nice! Cute, feminine, and even a little bit unique in spots - I dig it.

[caption id="attachment_2773" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="My favorite looks from the preview"]

Perhaps I'm in a good mood, but I'm loving at least 4 of the pieces. And I may even buy one (or more?).

Selena says the collection reflects herself and is “the whole Texan cowgirl meets the glam Boho chic of Hollywood.”

But what I see is definitely more of the girly-girl trend happening, and with so much of it, of course I'm smitten.

Via Nitrolicious.

Asked to Design a Coke Bottle, Lagerfeld Places his Likeness On It

April 06, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld Coke BottleKarl Lagerfeld
received what I consider the honor to design a limited edition bottle for Coca-Cola - and what did he do, trim it with Chanel-esque tweed or, far better, texturize glass in quilting?

Nah. He put his own silhouette on it.

Trés epitome of style.


Still, I'm a total Coke-addict, so I do want a piece of this fashion-meets-Cola memorabelia! I'm looking out for it on Colette.fr (warning: auto music). ---Will it be available elsewhere, as well?

On the up side, Coco Rocha stars in the ad. Oh but her name were Coca. Eh, I'm a nehd.

Anyway, am I right in thinking that this design is more $h!t than IT? ...

You Vote!


[polldaddy poll=3012391]

Metallics, Python & Tortoise? Oh My! Lanvin Clutch - Opinions...

March 25, 2010

This is certainly ... an interesting purse creation by Lanvin. I'm not sure if the silver and gold are too much together, especially combined with the python's texture, however when they threw on the tortoise closure that's when they really took it too far. Or at least IMHO...

[caption id="attachment_2637" align="alignnone" width="374" caption="Lanvin Degrade Clutch - pre-order"]

What do you think?

[polldaddy poll=2955678]

Anyway, if you like it, you can buy it at Luisa Via Roma for roughly $2.5 thou.

Rachel Zoe's New QVC Collection - video + review

March 24, 2010

I was just a tad or almost late to receive word of this video ... ;-) And then my computer & I were both too under the weather to write. It's been a bad week, but the shopping is better!

It's different for an actress or musician to claim to be a designer than it is for a stylist to turn designer, so even though we all know Rachel Zoe best from fame and her relatively new reality show, she's A-OK or even better (than OK) as a fashion designer. A stylist getting a reality show, even if good, is a bit of an "ugh"-inducer, but that's another story (and I just don't like reality programming anyway).

(And now, shop your TV! - err, monitor.)


To highlight that Zoe can design, I'm showcasing my favorite item from the video: I so want this necklace! In a word, unique; which is what "design" should be - or must be by definition, IMHO (in my haughty opinion).

I only wish it were reversible for a low-back dress.

Rachel Zoe at QVC is for sale now on QVC. See it on the "dot com".

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