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Reading: 3 is a Trend; what a concept!

September 18, 2011

This simple runway-themed category, Three is a Trend, from the Harper's Bazaar fashion blog has me inspired. I've never found the time, strength or sanity to pull this kind of post out of a fashion week (let alone a series) so I doubt I ever will, but ooh I wish!

What a nice way to quickly get a feel for the upcoming seasons.

Now, as for this being done with what's currently in stores, that I could do. I always have the sanity for some shopping! In order to do this, they would need to be micro trends or sub trends, but I still feel like I'd need an entirely different name. I'm guessing it would revolve around those times when seeing a sub-trend (of a trend that's so me?) or trend combos (neck bows + camel!) x-number of times has made me want it.

Beyond that I just have to think more. Maybe the combo idea has more to it?

Anyway, here are some preview images from the H.B. blog.

Peplum for all.

Birds for the dames.

Inspired, yourself?

#NYFW - Verrier, Verrier Sexy

September 13, 2010

Ever since my early days of watching the runways (same as my early days of blogging), I've been watching and enamored with Verrier. Here is my first piece on the designer, short & simple amid the Fashion Week rush. It's discoveries like these why I try to watch as many of the New York shows as I can, lesser-knowns among famous favorites.

As I tried to merely fit in some catwalk viewing over my busy weekend, I lost time for many, but kept a high priority for Verrier. I needed to find another source outside Style.com (where Verrier was not covered) though, and I found it on WWD.com. Luckily then the viewing was worth the wait and effort, after my anticipation was furthered and incited heavier by Women's Wear Daily's description;

"Tea-length dresses and a romantic sensibility enhanced Ashleigh Verrier’s Thursday-evening soiree-style presentation at The Box in Lincoln Center. The designer, inspired by “The Great Gatsby” and American women in the Twenties, sent out a pretty lineup of delicate, feminine looks — from an eye-catching green lace fitted blouse over a green miniskirt to below-the-knee crinolines paired up with a tweed jacket or silk blouse."

The actual show held much to love and various aspects about which to talk. I'll save most for my favorites gallery comments or other roundup pieces, so for now here is a bit of commentary on a slightly unique vision I found amusing...

Voyeur Verrier

Ashleigh Verrier keeps the ladylike in undergarments and brings it into underwear-as-outerwear. I just adore her.

This NYFW year, I've been sort of introduced to the concept of using Fashion Week to this-far-ahead plan a season wardrobe with new additions or remixes, and I'm warming up to the idea for Spring. To keep things within a less-than-designer budget, perhaps I'll buy a vintage a-line crinoline slip to wear over knee or tea-length flared skirts. (What do you think? Would you wear that?) I won't show much of any leg under the slip, so as to keep the look heavily-purposeful (as though one garment) and as classy as it can be.

It's "Ladies who Dessert".

The looks show the remain of the lace trend, and sort of bounce it on its head. Seen here is the sheer piece being something other than the lace. Ashleigh switched up other trends, which I'll feature in a later over-arching theme post.

Boudoir to boardroom. Or neither, rather. I wonder how you would wear this? I love this, but I can't decide whether they can't be separated to be as fabulous, or must be to fit in with life.

What Ashleigh wants you to take away; that sexy is ladylike and classy. ;-)

Photos: Designer courtesy of Ashleigh Verrier, others Women's Wear Daily.

#NYFW: Early Favorites (gallery)

September 10, 2010

Here are some more  things I love, including my biggest favorites, from the beginnings of New York Fashion Week. More to come, of course.

Friend Friday Questions: Fashion Week #fbff

September 10, 2010

Once again, it's a series called Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday. Blogger, Katy Rose asks us FBFF members fabulous questions. Care to participate?


"With all the talk about New York's Fashion Week I thought it only fitting to do a Friend Friday on the topic. While every other blog out there will be talking about the trends and the shows we can take a break and talk about the bigger picture, etc... I'm already finding all the coverage fun but a little overwhelming. What about you??"

(That was a little pre-question, but I'll answer it.)

I'm an old veteran of fashion week, but only from afar. After one week I'm always super wiped from it all, but as I read this on Wednesday, hardly even the stress had begun for me. ;-) I'm still getting the hang of covering everything in a way I love and am comfortable with. Hopefully before it's polished to perfection, I won't be "afar" anymore, and there will be madness to figure out. But fun, good madness. Wish me luck in affording to visit. (Before the recession, I don't think there were as many public or blogger events, and I didn't then know we could apply to attend shows.)

Q1. Do you pay attention to the shows during fashion week? Which designers collections are you looking forward to seeing?

A1. Always for New York, I seem to run out of steam at the end of NYC's week, though. I always look forward to Marc Jacobs for some reason, and there are so many others, it's hard to keep track. A lot of those in the states' shows are smaller designers I don't know well, but I try to peruse every single show, at least in the beginning.

Q2. Where are you getting your Fashion Week news from?

A2. Usually Style.com with some tips from MBFashionWeek.com. If I have time, I get over to DailyFrontRow.com, too. I don't have much time for a lot!!

Q3. Over the years the runway has become more than just models displaying the creations of a designer. They are now spectacles. Do you think that adds or detracts from the fashion?

A3. For me personally, it detracts, but to each his or her own. I'm not into spectacle of certain kinds, like on the catwalk or on Lady GaGa, I guess I'm more into the pure form of the actual art. Am I a dork? (Well, yes, I know I am.)

Q4. Twice a year, as models begin to strut the catwalk we see articles about model size and body image. Do you think the super thin models are offering an unattainable goal to the public or are we immune to their looks?

A4. There really is a marketing benefit
from these catwalking women who are size 2s with AA cups, but not skeletal 00s, who are, don't forget, also giants. "Models" are supposed to be like human mannequins, or actually it's much more like human clotheshangers, and not detract from the clothes, but there are major problems with it, too, of course. One is that they're called "models". That makes them sound like role models for beauty, which they really shouldn't be, nor should ever have been. Many models are not even attractive in the slightest, and that's fine - but they still get this cred and reputation. Then young women are confused, saddened and jealous, and women of all ages feel fat and dwarfish, which even leads many to wear painful shoes any day, anywhere. Hardly any person is immune, as well!

"Model thin" is not the example of a good body; it shouldn't be an example of anything; they should just disappear behind the cloth, but society really screwed that up.

We seriously need a campaign to change the name of models, at least in a section of the blogging world. Say it with me, "human clotheshangers!"

Q5. If you could sit front row at any show what would you want to see? And which celebrity would you want to be sitting next to?

A5. Oh gosh, again I think I always turn to Marc Jacobs, and even though I love him, I'm not sure why. Right now I hardly have time to think about it, but this year I know I lost a contest to attend his show, additionally with all accomodations paid, so that puts him on my mind. But each year before, I thought of his shows, in particular. I do think it's simply because he was my oldest (and longest) favorite of the big leagues, and not just for bags (my original high-end love), for clothes.

As for which celebrity, well I'm not into celebs, so I think I might go with Anna Wintour, although I'd be super nervous about how my ensemble measures up. As far as fashion goes, she is the ultimate.


There's a lot more Fashion Week on our home page, and more body image talk in the weight category. Also see our Campaign for Healthy Body Image(s).

#nyfw - Christian Siriano SS11: Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles!!

September 10, 2010

I kind of think the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2011 collection is a girly girl's dream. Or that of anyone who loves ruffles as much as I do. There's hardly anything to say - beyond photos - about pieces unique yet subtle and sophisticated or unique and just wildly out there.  Wild prints were also a part of the New York Fashion Week show, but not in a full-out leopard-y way.

Style.com writers did not seem to like, but Ella does! That's all I have to say,  so on to the eye candy...

I would buy this, for sure, if I made a high income.

Reminds me of coral, but what's wrong with that?

Larger than life; is that so wrong?

#NYFW: Pleated & Blouson Shorts by Organic by John Patrick

September 09, 2010

Organic by John Patrick is a bit how it sounds, eco-friendly, though not entirely of the organic sector of that field. That's ok though, fabrics like wrinkle-free recycled polyester are A-OK, even if you hate polyester ... ok, maybe.

Even if one's not into the namesake's cause, the styles are alright. It's ladies who lunch for the twenty-first century, and Ella likes. ;-)

I especially like John's shorts in the SS 2011 collection. They come in the pleated short and blouson short (think "bloomers" undergarments, sort of) varieties, and again, yes I love.

I do think a pleated short can be flattering, if you disagree, you may vote below. I feel this pair (#1 below) is the ladylike gal's answer to a short, with the way this pair is cut, as the shape and pleats combine to give a skirt effect to the short.

I also love an "unskinny" short for a woman. I just feel that round, sizable thighs are natural and sexy for females. Come on, am I really wrong? I see nothing bad, at all, with a short that emphasizes curves. My 2010 summer pair had some of this feel. See them (barely, these were terrible pictures) in this (simple) ensemble post linked here. (I do however think that these might have grown large on me.)

Back to John Patrick; view the photos, and at the end of this post, you may voice your opinion.

*Note* Larger girls would probably benefit more from pair #3 than #2.

I think I know what I'll be shopping for in preparation of Spring 2011, but what about you?

See more of the Organic Spring 2011 collection at Style.com.

Now vote!

#NYFW - Wild in the Willow

September 09, 2010

Whew! Rough day for me today. Yesterday and today's slowness should not be a sign of what's to come during Fashion Week(s?), though! Read a little bit about my troubles here on my other blog.

Anyway, on to my first publishing of NYFW reviews!

Willow Evolves the 'Animal' Trend

Willow, an up-and-coming brand by Aussie, Kit Willow, is clearly taking a long stride away from the current ladylike trend, in which they had participated, thus veering away from my own comfort zone.

While I may not like garments that appear to mix swimwear with evening attire (read: very short dresses, if that's what they are, that are more like ruffled leotards), I can appreciate what this artist attempted.

Namely it's Kit's interpretation and personal evolution of the current animal print trend. The designer seemed to mix Zebra inspiration with another trend, stripes, in a visually appealing way. I even love her own method of doing striped pieces; they're far better than the unflattering horizontal madness we've had going since Spring 2010.

View a few picks below.

This dress is my favorite of the range. While not my style, I know I could make it work. Mostly, I just highly appreciate it aesthetically.

Subtle and different; a good way to look current without being obviously trendy.

First of all, these alternating black & white gladiator shoes remind me of Zebra faces when mixed with the model's skin tone. While not overly cute, I'm digging the effect mixed with the collection.

Also, from head to toe, this look is not working, but I do love the mix of the stripes/patterned print in a diagonal fashion that matches the line of the asymmetric "skirt" hem. I'd imagine this bottom (not sure what is is) could be paired with a pencil skirt - with said skirt under the top layer of fabric and over that panty-like under portion - for a great overall skirt effect.

And then we're even brought back to ladylike. *Sigh of relief.*

For more from Willow Spring/Summer 2011, click here to view on Style.com.

Anna Wintour on the Pantless Trend, or NOT on it, rather

September 12, 2009

The Cut bloggers asked Anna Wintour what she thought of the pantsless trend. The infamous Vogue editor replied,

"I will never answer that question."

(As posted to their Twitter.)

We think it should be considered "wearing a skirt", like it used to, but we're classic here. (Or is that classy?)


(To the right: Anna Wintour with Sienna Miller, the stylish actress being the one wearing no pants, obv. Via Joobeelicious.)

Kanye West is an "idiot" says Pink (and us!)

June 01, 2009

Talking to FHM about an experience at this past January's fashion show by vegan designer, Stella McCartney, Pink was fired up. The singer said she was PO'd at fellow musician, Kanye West.

"I was at STELLA McCARTNEY's Paris fashion show with the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PAUL McCARTNEY and Kanye West.

"The entire time Kanye is going,
'They need more fur in this show'. He just wouldn't shut up about how he loved fur. I mean, he's saying this to me, the PETA guy and Paul McCartney!

I was just so grossed out by him. I'm like,
'You're an idiot!'

"There are so many people who I think are a waste of skin and he's up there. I should wear him. Go on, donate yourself Kanye. People can wear your fur."

So Kanye was oblivious not only to the fact that Stella is an avowed vegan designer, who never uses/designs fur or even leather, but that he was speaking to activist Pink, Paul McCartney (who must have bonded over love for animals when he was with his ex-wife) and even the vice president of PETA. I'm not pro PETA due to their extreme and publicity-stunt antics, but celebrities should know not to cross the organization or prepare for some backlash.

But is a soft human skin bag, coat, or other accessory too disgusting for Pink's verbal attack to resonate? Oh, my, I can just see the slant PETA will take in an anti-Kanye campaign. Would such a thing be good or bad?

Photo: Style.com
Story: NME.com; She Wired

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