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Posts for December 14th 2009

Update: Christopher Kane Explains Himself regarding 'Bloggers' Comments

December 14, 2009

A revisit to the Christopher Kane story, with an update. First to recap, Christopher Kane dissed bloggers seemingly insinuating they do not belong in the front row of fashion shows, etc.

But he was given the chance to explain himself, if he so wished, when Grazia Daily .co.uk gave him a quick interview and that chance. It seems the message he really wants to get out there is "if you can't say anything nice ... add something nice anyway." His actual words were,

“You’re allowed to say what you want but sometimes the blogs that you [sic] read are really negative, and that’s what I meant to say, really. Sometimes it’s too negative for my liking and I think maybe [bloggers] could give someone a compliment or say something nice. But bloggers nowadays seem to be a bit negative. ... That’s all I meant to say.”

Here's the video of the brief conversation,

Well that's much nicer Chris, now we hope you happen to stumble upon us! ;-)

*Update* I've looked a bit into Grazia and oddly enough even though Christopher talks about them as though they're just one of "us(/them) blogs" (an excerpt I didn't include before, "but Grazia Daily seems to be really great and that’s really fun and Ten Blog who I sometimes edit with are always high and nice...") they actually are foremost a glossy magazine.

Le sigh! So what is it Chris, eh? Do you like any actual blogs for which you don't write? Come on now, learn something about us! (And British magazines to boot.)

Tom Ford Quotes on Love on 'Charlie Rose'

December 14, 2009

Tom Ford was interviewed by Charlie Rose mostly about his new film (now playing), A Single Man.


He was lovely and has given us beautiful quotes to think about still in our "day and age". My first favorite,

"Yeah. So, you know, people occasionally will say to me, even good friends, 'your lifestyle', I’m, 'what is that, my lifestyle?' You know, I live with someone I love. You know, we read books, we cook dinner together, we occasionally argue. We go on vacation together. We have been together for 23 years. That is my lifestyle."

My second favorite quote speaks to me and many others, although intended as discussion about homosexual unfairness, it's equally for any woman waiting for her boyfriend to propose or "feel ready" - as we age and live in our serious relationships.

"... Longtime partner, a boyfriend, lover, there is not a good word for that, we need to figure that out in our culture. Lover makes it sound like all you do is have sex."

Charlie Rose pointed out,

"Boyfriend, girlfriend, we have to figure out boyfriend, girlfriend, when the girl is 40 years old."

All I know is I will not be a girlfriend when I'm 40. The boy knows that too. Oh but can't I still call him boy? ;-)

You can only get the video from Charlie Rose .com. Watch or buy a DVD.

Virtual Lookbooks: My Designs for FFG #1

December 14, 2009

Click here to read more about Fashion Fantasy Game and how to visit my showroom.

Most people on this fun website design entire ensembles, doing both some design play and a lot of styling. I though prefer to nitpick every last aspect of one item and stick to piece elements more like the real world (as in one retails a sweater, not a sweater + tights + ...). I feel I do focus more on creating more detailed pieces however I don't hesitate to use simpler items I love especially if from a limited edition template but also I sometimes publish designer inspired pieces.

Since I can't sell complete outfits from already created designs without laboring over each individual object all over again, I'm just styling my own "diva" and will publish here, hoping for a little game-play exposure and other fun stuffs. ;-)

Some of the elements I design I do find difficult to piece with what else I have on FFG to fit into my personal style. Even if these ensembles go wackier than I would ever wear, something like this is typical in fashion from runway to lookbooks, and I think others may appreciate a whole styling of my pieced elements.

Enjoy doll #1: Color Diva!


I will be pairing these with shopping "tips" on how to find perhaps similar pieces for the real world...

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