Two Types Of Wedding Suits For The Spring Season

Wedding season is around the corner in Toronto. Grooms will want to schedule their time look their best in a high end suit on the biggest day of their life. The bespoke suit and made to measure suit are two options that are guaranteed to impress.

Considering it’s one of the most joyous days in a mans life, no expense should be spared on the suit he gets married in. The day is long with a line up of pictures at every main event that transpires. To accommodate comfort, a bespoke suit is world renown in this department and will be the best option on this special day of matrimony.

Bespoke suits are entirely designed and built with the guidance of a tailor. These are suits that take a little more effort and planning than your regular off the rack suit. The process is the lengthiest in the suits category when it comes to walking away with a finished product, but the fit is the most superior in the suiting industry. All suits are made by hand.

The experience begins by finding an authentic bespoke tailor that truly makes authentic handmade suits. You will discuss the style, colour, and any features you have in mind when you envision the ideal suit. The sky is the limit and you are free to be as creative as you want in your design.

The tailor will ask you to make decisions about how you want specific parts of the suit made. The most obvious would be the lapels, cuffs, collar, pockets and vents. You have complete freedom to style, shape and size these features as well as any other item on the suit. Make it as original as you want and your tailor will be your guide to assist you in making your vision a reality. The beauty of having expert advice at your side is that if you’re not sure about any part of the design process, bespoke tailors will have a plethora of option available for you to consider.

A bespoke suit jacket made by a bespoke tailor
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The fit of a bespoke suit is what sets it apart from other suits. The process is very detail oriented from beginning to end. The measurements that are taken include recording the angles curves and slope that is specific to your body. Bespoke measurements are more three dimensional and more time consuming than your typical tailoring.

The construction of the suit is done in multiple phases. For each phase you will be called in to try on the suit to ensure the garment is being assembled according to how your body moves. The entire process is completed in approximately 8-10 weeks.

The made to measure suit is an option that can be similar in caliber. These suits are assembled as opposed to being off the rack, but they are assembled from predesigned templates.

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When you meet build a made to measure suit, you will go through a similar, yet abbreviated process of building the suit. The measurements are not as detailed, yet there are similar custom options available to you. The most common decisions are made regarding the fabric, colour, lapel, cuffs, vents, pockets etc. You won’t be designing the suit, so the style of the suit will remain the same.

Once you have the details out of the way, the suit is then assembled for a final fitting. The construction phase doesn’t involve the same amount of detail as a bespoke suit because it is assembled from a template. Clients are called in for a basting fitting (when it applies) and then when the suit is fully assembled. The final fitting may require a few minor alterations to make it a finished product but two fittings are standard for made to measure suits. The entire process for a made to measure suit can be approximately two to four weeks.

Bespoke and made to measure suits are considered high quality suits that are guaranteed to look and feel incredibly good. If the timing is right, go bespoke for the best fit imaginable on one of the happiest but longest days of your life.