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Fashionistas Care: Save Greenland's Dogs

August 16, 2010

*Update* If this or any video is not working, please try to view the singular post page.

I don't wish to worsen a day of work stress or even inturrupt fashion fun, so you may pass by this post if you please. If you love dogs, this should be highly disturbing for you, but if you can, you should watch this video and then take any action(s) you are able to in order to try to help.

At 15m :30s you will learn about Greenland's hunting dogs and why they're not only horribly effected by global warming, but are in terrible danger.

All dogs deserve the happy pet lifestyle, like this puppy. DoozieDogs.com

It seems this is possibly a little-known issue without any campaign for the recent worsening treatment of these animals. There is an outdated PETA campaign, but since the texts there were written, the safety of these Huskies has far declined. (There is also a mild Facebook Page, where you can like those "sad" dogs.)

I've already written to the three big animal welfare organizations. Is there anything you can do to help? Please at least pass on this information. You may wish to pass on this article, or use another source. I suggest Facebook, Twitter, and even Digg, and more.

There is an update (response to the below commenter) here.

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posted by Puggiq

You have absolutely NO understanding of the world others live in and their realities. You couldn't even understand the segment about which you complained. You have been brainwashed by Disney films. Wherever you live I am certain that right under your nose there is REAL animal cruelty, abuse and neglect where there IS ready access to veterinary care that is ignored by people who really treat dogs as throw-away commodities! Why aren't you railing against that??? Think carefully before you run off at the mouth again!

posted by

I will not justify that by fighting you and responding to every detail in detail, but I have a mini response here: http://www.stylishwithsubstance.com/Angry-Response-My-Plea-Greenlands-Do...

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