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Stylish or Vile Ish? Dior Victorian Thigh Highs

September 07, 2010

These thigh high socks, or maybe actual thigh high stockings, with very feminine and Victorian detail, are by Christian Dior. They fit in with fabulous Dior and the fall ladylike trend, but they might be less lady and more trashy. Are these actually stylish or are they a big don't and reminiscent of Taylor Momsen and her "high class hooker" type of "chic"?

We know the sheer negligee they're posed with helps give the image of Lady Marmalade and the boudoir, but could these be paired up better for the everyday woman? Is the look salvageable?

Coming later; more trend polls.

*Update #2* There was an OnSugar bug for a large portion of today, 9/9/10, that may have caused more votes cast for "Vile Ish" than intended.

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posted by CandyCoatedDame

I voted stylish - I couldn't help it! Although I know in real life they'll probably come off as, shall we say, completely slutty. I have a weakness for trashy things that give the appearance of being ladylike. Haha! If you wore a skirt that covered the tops you could feel sexy underneath and still look ladylike on the outside, I suppose.

P.S. Hello! Just found your blog today and I think its great!

posted by

Thanks. :-) I'll be checking out your site. That's a good point about it being covered. Although it would have to be a wide and long skirt. I'm kind of divided on these; I like the details, but they're on the wrong item.

posted by

I don't know how to contact you, and I want to tell you that I am unable to enter the captcha code on your blog to post a comment, because it is hidden in a too-small frame. This is a theme issue. Hope this helps you fix it! (I don't think you CAN get any comments currently.) Also, it will help you as a blogger if you allow people to contact you through email or a contact form. (But don't type your email on the web, not as is!)

posted by

@ Ella M! Thanks for the email and the post. I have let our engineers know about the hiccup with the polls and it should be fixed shortly. Thanks for your patience and please let me know if you have any other questions or see any other problems. Hope you like the enhancement of voting without reloading the page!

posted by

Thanks. As a user, I know it's great. But I was enjoying the extremely low Analytics bounce rate and high page views on the new blog full of polls, Style Bury. I can't be too selfish, esp. when this host is free and the users would like this new version.

I know I didn't like the PopSugar, etc., refreshes of the page. (And it was the same on here.)

And that blog is still performing well. People are responding. :-D

Oh also, I think a bounce rate is almost useless for blogs, anyway.

posted by

Hi ella m, Thanks for all of your feedback! And all of your blogs are great, so I am sure members will keep coming around and follow your blogs too. The poll bug should be all fixed, so let me know if you have any problems!!!!

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