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Style Star Wars - Gaga, Christina, Rihanna - Give Peace a Chance!

June 22, 2010

The Cut

It seems that many fans of certain popstars have abandoned those old loves and turned into zombies, I mean monsters, of Lady Gaga. Also, to me, it seems that there are hardly any fans of sensational voice, Christina Aguilera, still around.

Has anyone publicly stood up for "Xtina"? It's said that the songstress copies lady Gaga, but what about Rihanna?

One could say Rihanna either copies Gaga as well or she just has similar styles (couldn't they all?). Rihanna's own stylist, Mariel Haenn, vowed that Christina copies the Barbados popstar, and not the Lady. Of course, as Rihanna's own stylist, she knows the styling well, but is likely biased.

I say it could all be coincidence. They're popstars and they all dress in a form, or an extreme, of popstar/rockstar garb.

Even "civilians" follow trends, and that means many could dress alike. Aren't the spikes, leather, booty shorts, etc. just a trend that they put to extremes?

So I plead, can't we all get along and follow musicians for talent or just that other old reason, some good beats?

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posted by Ashe Mischief

I'd argue they're ALL copying Madonna. I know people said Christina's new video was Lady Gaga copying, but everyone I know who has seen it was like, "Um, that's more early 90s Madonna than Lady Gaga." And Lady Gaga's new video? There are SO many Madonna videos it emulates. Not to mention, if Xtina hadn't gotten "Drrrtty," there'd probably be no Gaga (as much as I LOVE Lady GG).

posted by

Beautiful photos! Anyone know where I may find a skirt like the one the girl is wearing in the last pic of the July 1 Uk street style?

posted by

Ashe. I'm so behind with the visuals of music (and maybe audio thanks to living in FL, I swear). However when I RECENTLY saw the video for Alejandro, I now know lately GaGa is so Madonna (with more recent runway hair).

I'm not sure I know the exact look for early 90s Madonna. But suddenly I have the memory of that video she did in black latex with, I think, short hair. That is much more like Christina's latest than anything GaGa.

"Funnily" enough, when I see the Alejandro video, I think, "Lady GaGa, stop hitting on gay men! Poor GaGa". Haha, perhaps I'm silly.

I love GaGa too, but I like her best going into my ears, I could take or leave any visuals.

posted by RAacheel

Christina obviously has the better voice, BUT as a person she seems awful.. also in her music career she has no style. She's always copying either Madonna or Marilyn Monroe, wouldn't surprise me if she was copying Gaga too. Christina might have one hell of a voice but she lacks imagination.

I wish Christina would clean up her act, by acting less like a 2 dollar hooker and be more decent and write songs other than about 'sex'. Yes we know, everyone loves sex and blablalba, Madonna broke the barrier, artists these days are just doing it to get attention, especially christian! She always goes on and on about sex in interviews. Don't get me wrong, she has some amazing songs and she is still making good songs! But my point is she could be a lot better. If she tried, she could become a real legend. Shame she is just an insecure little girl who thinks that the amount of attention she gets is based on how little she's wearing.

posted by Jo6153

Wow christina...get a life. I actually cant believe shes doing this..and AFTER she disses Gaga..what an idiot

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