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Thoughts on Sensitivity; Shaken from News of Inconceivable Brutality

September 26, 2011

The news I'm referencing is definitely too much for some sensitive people to take. You can read about it online, for example on the Huffington Post.

Note: part of what I'm about to write may also be a bit much for some!

I know this instance is not "unique", and maybe not even rare - I can't "get into" all the stories of the world, but somehow there are certain moments in time that strike one a bit harder. Sadly, there have been other recent events similar in scope, yet this is merely the one that caused me to start typing ... and I did not want to stop at something like a Facebook status update.

Also, please be aware that I know of the existence of sociopaths and understand what they are. My words are merely the utterance of shock, compassion and emotion; sensitivity; we need more of it.

I wanted to preface with this notes, but know I still welcome any genuine comments about anything - except detailing violent specifics, of course.  (I just happened to foresee some cynical questioning. Cynics are great; they are literally some of my best friends, including my soul mate; but you guessed it, that's not me.)

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For Maria Elizabeth Macias Castro

How does one do that to another human being? How does one go to that extreme to anything alive? Gosh, how does one even tear apart a painting?! Reasonable people hold even art higher than to be this destructive. We sometimes preserve and cherish flowers as keepsakes, with care and sentiment.

Is money THAT grand? (I know, don't answer that; rhetorical to prove a point.)

How? A shot to the heart is one thing; one far too horrible thing. I do understand some dangerously deranged people are cold about a simple, swift death.

This is amazingly beyond all that, no matter what.

Perhaps it was swift; was easy; was distant thanks to some technology or craft.

Maybe it was even silent; during induced sleep. Over too fast to be felt by the deceased.


Learning the details, I cannot do; you understand; for perhaps it was not swift, easy, distant, or any of those. How COULD a human take the time; endure inflicting that violence; inhale that smell; feel the hot blood, and how much it must have been; feel the fear, struggle before nothing; hear sounds beyond initial screaming; and even deal with how it all felt to this murderer ... and continue; finish.

I'm sick.

Then move on to the postmortem horror. The carrying, setting of pieces, finalizing display and feeling good bringing this hell upon this soul's loved ones.

So, this is about their business. So they likely do not feel love. Surely, they could not be merely and solely this desperate and dedicated to their living, alone, without the partnering of a complete; total lack of heart. Do they not have lovers? Mothers? ... Those are dumb questions, I realized after it had been in my mind. Still, I wanted to write them down because these questions exist in our minds when people act this evil; they're a part of the reaction, not to be removed. A common modicum of innocence is beautiful. Moreover, rhetorical and rudimentary questions like these help prove some small point to our hearts: how radically evil and different these brutes are; it reminds us of our default hope that people are basically good. I think I need some of that right now.

Surely, all reasonable people would rather die (a normal and swift way though, please) than bear the possibility of this happening to a loved one. Same for bringing this act upon anyone, ourselves. I suppose most of us can think of a scenario that would make us try (to save the life of one's child, spouse...) but it seems typically, normal people can't go through with any murder.

Of course we would rather lose our mere livelihoods and suffer in poverty or jail than viciously murder to support it. They can not. ... They can not? Is it for their kids? I don't know what it's like to be a parent but I absolutely do not think a person with any heart capacity, one who would go to great lengths for a child, could do this. Call me too innocent? No, I can't imagine you would.

Yes, this happened outside the scope of desensitization. I don't even think that part of society necessarily contributed at all; this is so beyond beyond. Still, this is not a terrible time to call for more re-sensitization.

I could not stand the film Tropic Thunder. I so always wished I hadn't seen it (I'm usually warned about violence). Most people loved it. That's okay, for the most part, except that I dislike the phenomenon of desensitization.

If we, as a society, were to try to improve the slowly worsening scenario, it might be minor, it might be greater. I'm not saying it is a good that should come from this tragedy, as it makes me ill to imagine feeling this could ever come close to making up for a loss dealt in such a violent way. It is a bit early to think solely toward preventing future careless acts and I can't ever say I have answers to these specific related problems. I do know people want young life lost to "not be in vein" and what needs to happen rather are things dealing directly with Mexico, their innocents and Americans as they can be effected.

To say beyond that - to go into politics - goes much too far for this website, but I do believe we should all educate ourselves in the current international affairs between that country and ours as Americans (for those who are). After that, take it where you wish, but awareness itself can help.

Finally, for safety reasons, I plead to Americans that we stop vacationing in Mexico; thinking of it as a "luxury resort" -categorized place with just a bit of bad water. That is a phallacy; people know that and they don't care, but there are many far, far better locations on Earth deserving of our time and, perhaps most importantly, money.

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