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To Quit Buying, Must I Quit (Fashion) Blogging? I fear so...

May 19, 2010

... And I don't know what to do ...

After I read two articles by Ashe Mischief on Dramatis Personae and Independent Fashion Bloggers, I eventually started to worry and ponder about myself.

The articles hold truth about pressures, but for me it's about living the window shopping life and if I see it, I want it, I more likely buy it.

Then I got sick (I still am) and couldn't muster the energy to blog. I've been absent for a while because of this. It's like the "do I have mono?! groan" variety -- or really bad PMS fatigue. I can't write if I have no brain power (nor did I have cleaning muscle power most of this time).

Also, I didn't want to buy clothes. Or even shoes. Well I did but not enough to overpower the strict itemized budget I set for next month. I'm also happy waiting out the rest of this month not shopping. Yes, I spent the very beginning of May buying too much, but I think I can change.

I do want to spend money, but I want to focus more on things for the home. We're in desperate need to put everything in a proper place in our new apartment (and we've been here since December). I will contribute to "us" and the money is better spent.

Then there's still the blogging looming ... I even have this new shoe blog that could pose some nasty problems... Since yesterday (Monday), I've been depressed and wondering what I should do. This used to be quite the opposite case, but my blogging money is less than my other income. More than what I make from fashion (blogging) I've been spending on fashion.

What am I thinking is my initial plan?

Streamline, focus, trim the subjects. No more product browsing for product features? Probably. I love writing about interesting design news, and I've come up with a better-for-me way to photograph my clothes (to be seen later). I've been thinking about focusing the blog to be fashion design and personal style(styling). It works for me and it may not entice me so much.

Out of sight, out of mind. (Out of closet, in my wallet.)

Hoping for the best, I'll still be seeing you 'round the blogosphere.

Photo from Sliding Door Company via Jen's Organizing Blog

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posted by Anne Meyer

You could still have a fashion blog without buying all. All you need is a creative way of managing fashion stories. ;). God bless and have a happy week!

posted by

Oh I know, but looking at fashion makes me want to shop so badly and then get quite depressed. I'm still writing about fashion sometimes, elsewhere...


Thanks for reaching out. Hope I didn't look too awful. Eh! ;-)

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