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Paris Hilton with Chanel Flower Flap as Clutch

April 11, 2007

You've got to love that Paris Hilton loves the paparazzi's attention. "Why on Earth must we love that, Elle?" - you ask? Why, because this gives her designer freebies, like Chanel bags. Alright, alright, it's plenty of reason for us bag desirers to hate Paris.

BUT here is Ms. Hilton perfectly posing to show us a great, clear shot of an amazingly gorgeous Chanel bag. And you know what - I believe that's reason to love the egotist in the socialite.

So thanks Paris! Ahh to be born into wealth and fame ... sigh.

As you can see from the mini photo inside the large, the bag's not really a clutch, but a flap with the strap removed. That is a great idea! Imagine, a jumbo sized Chanel flap could be ... a day clutch! Faaabulous! *Dreams off into Elle's happy place*.

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Paris Hilton knows style!

George Vreeland Hill

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