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#NYFW - Wild in the Willow

September 09, 2010

Whew! Rough day for me today. Yesterday and today's slowness should not be a sign of what's to come during Fashion Week(s?), though! Read a little bit about my troubles here on my other blog.

Anyway, on to my first publishing of NYFW reviews!

Willow Evolves the 'Animal' Trend

Willow, an up-and-coming brand by Aussie, Kit Willow, is clearly taking a long stride away from the current ladylike trend, in which they had participated, thus veering away from my own comfort zone.

While I may not like garments that appear to mix swimwear with evening attire (read: very short dresses, if that's what they are, that are more like ruffled leotards), I can appreciate what this artist attempted.

Namely it's Kit's interpretation and personal evolution of the current animal print trend. The designer seemed to mix Zebra inspiration with another trend, stripes, in a visually appealing way. I even love her own method of doing striped pieces; they're far better than the unflattering horizontal madness we've had going since Spring 2010.

View a few picks below.

This dress is my favorite of the range. While not my style, I know I could make it work. Mostly, I just highly appreciate it aesthetically.

Subtle and different; a good way to look current without being obviously trendy.

First of all, these alternating black & white gladiator shoes remind me of Zebra faces when mixed with the model's skin tone. While not overly cute, I'm digging the effect mixed with the collection.

Also, from head to toe, this look is not working, but I do love the mix of the stripes/patterned print in a diagonal fashion that matches the line of the asymmetric "skirt" hem. I'd imagine this bottom (not sure what is is) could be paired with a pencil skirt - with said skirt under the top layer of fabric and over that panty-like under portion - for a great overall skirt effect.

And then we're even brought back to ladylike. *Sigh of relief.*

For more from Willow Spring/Summer 2011, click here to view on Style.com.

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posted by Melissa Palazzolo

I like the print of the first picture, the zebra-ish stripes. I think it'd be cute with some skinny jeans. But as a leotard type thing like that? Eh...nope.

posted by

Maybe you could fit the skinny jeans in with it, then. Not sure.

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