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#NYFW: Pleated & Blouson Shorts by Organic by John Patrick

September 09, 2010

Organic by John Patrick is a bit how it sounds, eco-friendly, though not entirely of the organic sector of that field. That's ok though, fabrics like wrinkle-free recycled polyester are A-OK, even if you hate polyester ... ok, maybe.

Even if one's not into the namesake's cause, the styles are alright. It's ladies who lunch for the twenty-first century, and Ella likes. ;-)

I especially like John's shorts in the SS 2011 collection. They come in the pleated short and blouson short (think "bloomers" undergarments, sort of) varieties, and again, yes I love.

I do think a pleated short can be flattering, if you disagree, you may vote below. I feel this pair (#1 below) is the ladylike gal's answer to a short, with the way this pair is cut, as the shape and pleats combine to give a skirt effect to the short.

I also love an "unskinny" short for a woman. I just feel that round, sizable thighs are natural and sexy for females. Come on, am I really wrong? I see nothing bad, at all, with a short that emphasizes curves. My 2010 summer pair had some of this feel. See them (barely, these were terrible pictures) in this (simple) ensemble post linked here. (I do however think that these might have grown large on me.)

Back to John Patrick; view the photos, and at the end of this post, you may voice your opinion.

*Note* Larger girls would probably benefit more from pair #3 than #2.

I think I know what I'll be shopping for in preparation of Spring 2011, but what about you?

See more of the Organic Spring 2011 collection at Style.com.

Now vote!

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posted by Melissa Palazzolo

I really like the shorts but I honestly don't think they would look good on me. I think they're mostly for the really itty bitty girls and that's not me. :)

posted by

I don't know yet about 2 and 3 for sure, as I haven't tried them on. But I think #1 is just innocent as it could look like a skirt. But with my disproportionateness, it might change things, for better or worse.

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