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(Men's) Fashion Standards too High? President Obama's "Dad" Jeans

July 23, 2009

Sporting Event, not a Runway Show: Obama pitches comfortably.

View more photos on the Huffington Post, then tell us what you think!

Excuse me? Our president is being picked on for his "Dad" jeans. We cannot excuse him because he is a father, that clears a path for mom jeans - but are these pants really so terrible? What do you expect grown men to wear? Sure I have standards for men's jeans, but they actually exclude those trendy styles of today. What about you?

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posted by mary hall

So funny, I actually blogged about this on Huff Post yesterday! He's the President not a Vogue Model! He looked great in those jeans!
The way he wore them, Mom jeans never looked so good!

posted by

Haha yeah. There's no pot belly!

Thanks for your comment.

posted by SuseyQ

He is so sexy.

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