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September 22, 2009

Do not do it like Sienna did here and pair the leotard-or-whatever with pantyhose that have a different color near the crotch. That signals underwear, and not the cute kind. This is not Madonna-level under-outer-wear chic.

Perhaps we should leave this to the diva, Gaga, no?

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posted by

Love Sienna's outfit. Especially with the smooth Pantyhose.
My boyfriend showed it to me and said he would buy it if I wear it for him.
He did / I did - it is great. I wore it to a party and was a hit!
I put the black Pantyhose on over my glossy nude Pantyhose, and then
the 'tap pants' (short-shorts). My top was a little different, but again I was a
hit - i felt like a rock star (also had many compliments on my Legs & my boyfriend could barely keep his hands to himself!!)
'American Apparel' are selling these style of 'tap pants' and 'disco pants' along with a lot more Pantyhose lately.

posted by mark williams

Sienna wore this outfit to promote a movieshe starred in about Andy Warhol

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