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2 Reasons, Beyond Price, Why TJ Maxx/Marshall's Are Better than 'Needless Markup' Stores

September 23, 2010

I'm home from an event held by TJ Maxx (which is also the same company as Marshalls, they're both really similar, and together a huuuge "buyer" power).

Too aware of the tons of blog posts about this Behind the Seams event that go over all the lessons we learned (and I re-learned, but in a fun way) (search Google and see), I know while I'll be blogging about it, I'll be doing it my own way.

Nanette Lepore: a sample brand (an uber fave of mine!) at a TJ Maxx that has a higher-end section. Search the TJ Maxx website for what's near you.


  1. More colors or even styles in those fashion items. Regular department store heads/buyers are too concerned with and worried over what might not sell. The TJ Maxx company posesses the knowledge that they fare better being fearless so they can better appeal to the designers, directly, which is just one small way they get those savings they pass on to "Maxxinista" customers.
  2. While one is loading up on $17 jeans or up to %60 marked down items from designers that can range from Gucci to Nanette Lepore to Diesel to The Limited (wait, seriously? Yes, The Limited is at TJ Maxx and not just their own stores - get their great pants fits for less!) ....... annnnyway, while one is loading themselves with all this stuff to try on, she can do that shopping with a shopping cart, instead of a deadening arm. (It's a positive blend of high and low.)


Surely now, more than ever, I am a Maxxinista. Whether it's for those super affordable pants, or later when I have a little more in the budget, going nuts over any Nanette Lepore shipments. Le sighhhh.

There's a lot more to blog about, including, hopefully, what I wore, and even a giveaway or two. But not only am I currently exhausted, but I have a family emergency. I will get to as many posts as I can in the coming days!!! (And I should get to more details about my family plans.)

In the meantime, in between checking back here, of course; feel free to check out a few of the other bloggers who attended:

The VMAs and More Things You (May Have) Missed During NY Fashion Week

September 20, 2010
Emails and tweets. I know this is true for people I contacted! Get thee to those reply buttons, sisters!
Grandparents' Day. Sorry, Nana, your card is will be in the mail, on a plane, I promise!
The VMAs. While many didn't miss it, I was sure late to ponder it's white carpet, let alone watch it on my DVR.

What's most fun for me, and possibly many, is to ponder myself on that carpet. What would I have worn?

*diddley oop, diddley oop* ...

Depending on my budget, of course. What would you, or did you, wear?

#NYFW - Verrier, Verrier Sexy

September 13, 2010

Ever since my early days of watching the runways (same as my early days of blogging), I've been watching and enamored with Verrier. Here is my first piece on the designer, short & simple amid the Fashion Week rush. It's discoveries like these why I try to watch as many of the New York shows as I can, lesser-knowns among famous favorites.

As I tried to merely fit in some catwalk viewing over my busy weekend, I lost time for many, but kept a high priority for Verrier. I needed to find another source outside Style.com (where Verrier was not covered) though, and I found it on WWD.com. Luckily then the viewing was worth the wait and effort, after my anticipation was furthered and incited heavier by Women's Wear Daily's description;

"Tea-length dresses and a romantic sensibility enhanced Ashleigh Verrier’s Thursday-evening soiree-style presentation at The Box in Lincoln Center. The designer, inspired by “The Great Gatsby” and American women in the Twenties, sent out a pretty lineup of delicate, feminine looks — from an eye-catching green lace fitted blouse over a green miniskirt to below-the-knee crinolines paired up with a tweed jacket or silk blouse."

The actual show held much to love and various aspects about which to talk. I'll save most for my favorites gallery comments or other roundup pieces, so for now here is a bit of commentary on a slightly unique vision I found amusing...

Voyeur Verrier

Ashleigh Verrier keeps the ladylike in undergarments and brings it into underwear-as-outerwear. I just adore her.

This NYFW year, I've been sort of introduced to the concept of using Fashion Week to this-far-ahead plan a season wardrobe with new additions or remixes, and I'm warming up to the idea for Spring. To keep things within a less-than-designer budget, perhaps I'll buy a vintage a-line crinoline slip to wear over knee or tea-length flared skirts. (What do you think? Would you wear that?) I won't show much of any leg under the slip, so as to keep the look heavily-purposeful (as though one garment) and as classy as it can be.

It's "Ladies who Dessert".

The looks show the remain of the lace trend, and sort of bounce it on its head. Seen here is the sheer piece being something other than the lace. Ashleigh switched up other trends, which I'll feature in a later over-arching theme post.

Boudoir to boardroom. Or neither, rather. I wonder how you would wear this? I love this, but I can't decide whether they can't be separated to be as fabulous, or must be to fit in with life.

What Ashleigh wants you to take away; that sexy is ladylike and classy. ;-)

Photos: Designer courtesy of Ashleigh Verrier, others Women's Wear Daily.

Links à la Mode - 2nd week of Sept. '10

September 12, 2010

If you don't yet know what this is or about the Independent Fashion Bloggers, then you are probably not a blogger, but just know it's a great group of great blogs so you'll enjoy the links down the page. :-)

I'm getting back into posting these, for many reasons I stopped and many more why I hope to continue. I do think this means I must share more of my own content in between, but that's a good goal.

Now that I'm taking many ensemble photos per week (Fashion Week's getting in the way of most of everything else though), it shouldn't be hard to blog nearly every day, and usually more than once (or twice). Also because of that, since this "roundup" I've started and may continue to write entries along a major theme this week, work or weekday wear as those pertain to Fashion Week and generally dressing in new ways, but in my own way. (A recent ensemble post of mine was basically in the "new theme" because of my new confidence!) I know I'm starting to gather more inspiration for ensembles to switch things up outside my own brain, but I'm also inspired by the catwalk and boisterousness of Fashion Week, itself (a topic obviously present and mentioned in the theme description below), and I plan to follow a challenge I've set for myself soon. For now, busy busy busy! And we'll just see how much I can even fit into my writing for one day! ;-)

On to the great links for this Sunday evening, while I've laid back some this (Fashion) weekend, but isn't it so needed?? You can enjoy these and enjoy more content back here tomorrow. -Ella

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Round Up

Working the new season with fabulous new discoveries.

Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie

I’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and I hope you’ll enjoy reading these as much as I have. This week the issue of workwear is tackled whether as a fashion blogger you’re heading to Fashion Week or you’re not sure how to translate your everyday style to the office. The latter is a dilemma I’m often confronted with when dressing for work. Through the links I have also gleefully discovered some wonderful designers to dreamily sigh over the work of; these garments would most definitely fit into my wardrobe perfectly, be it in the smart section or the purely frivolous one.

  • A La Modest Reintroducing the morality within green ethical fashion
  • Bachman’s Sparrow What better way to greet the new season than a beautiful, one-of-a-kind statement necklace?
  • Beyond Fabric Enhancing your image: posture and body image.
  • Boheme Noir Ten ways to style the classic Chanel jacket young & fabulous.
  • Fabulous Finds Girl Ann Wiberg creates future vintage by recycling materials with Trash-Couture.
  • Fashezine Inspired by the sensuality of Joan, the determination of Peggy, and Betty Draper’s elegance, a girl goes mad for Mad Men.
  • Fashion Limbo Brand Love or I Want What She’s Wearing – How brands fail to get me and what/who truly inspire me
  • Grit and Glamour Staying true to you when dressing for dress code.
  • Hello beauty! Review and makeup lesson video with the NARS Fall 2010 Collection with NARS National Makeup Stylist Janice Daoud
  • Intrinsically Florrie Exploring the historic city of Bath in style.
  • Manda Bear Fall Outwear Finds, Beauty Goodies and other Treasures.
  • Mis Papelicos A first Ebay buy and what to look for when shopping online.
  • Oranges and Apples A vintage wedding dress on a budget, plus some ideas for styling it.
  • Poetic and Chic In which I spot the most beautiful pair of Louboutins and get inspired.
  • Pull your socks up! What do you do with an inherited, precious and much-coveted family heirloom?
  • Retro Chick Retro Style for Autumn: Lena Hoschek Autumn Winter 2010
  • Seven Deadly Cyns Death by Cosmetics- the dangers of harmful ingredients in our beauty products and what you should look out for.
  • The Coveted What to Wear to NYFW
  • The New Professional How high is too high for heels in the office?
  • Wit & Whimsy Designer on the Rise: Whitney Pozgay


SPONSOR: New @ Shopbop: Cosabella - Dannijo - Houlihan Cargos - T-Bags - BE & D

(What does this sponsorship mean? Click here to learn more about it.)

Wearrier: 'French Necking'

September 11, 2010

The thing that's pretty new for me with this ensemble is the scarf around my neck. I mean, even though I've wanted to wear something like that for a while, I really never have. I love the look but I have long had this thing with my neck; a choking feeling. It's worse when I'm stressed, and I guess I'm just more mentally stable lately. Sounds weird, but I'm happy with my style progression. This kind of thing will come back.

I loved the outfit's overall French feel. By late afternoon, though, I realized these shoes were just not doing it for me with the ensemble, so I changed into my new-ish Payless wedges.

Seen here:

Their vintage quality (seen from the front view) really pulled everything together better.

As you can see I still feel weird about a giant zoom of my face, so the earring detail is cropped like you can see. I have no problem with keeping myself at this distance, heh, it's my right.

By the way, I want to add that my hair is pulled back. I didn't want it covering the outfit, heh!

Takeaway Photography Tip:

Don't forget to shut off flash in daylight and I'm better off with a new (standard) tripod to more easily deal with my new favorite photo area and my camera's particular settings. I bought one for $9 (super bargain, and it's amazing) and it's arrived!!! More on that later.


  • Allover Lace Top: Charlotte Russe - available now, 2 for $20.
  • Blackish Tank: Express - old
  • Beige/White Seersucker Pleated Skirt: "In Moda" @ Bealls Outlet Spring '10. Locate a store.
  • Scarf-print belt as scarf: Aeropostale (free with capris) - oldoldold
  • Bag: Louis Vuitton "Alma" - available now, LouisVuitton.com Alma page.
  • Leather black/tan Sandals: Maripé @ Rack Room Shoes - available still - locate a store.
  • Bag/Shoe Bracelet: Gift, unknown
  • Rhinestone/Pearl Earrings: Unknown, old
  • My signature sunglasses: Kate Spade, old

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