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Distracted by Girly 3/4" Heel

December 20, 2004

I went to get my hair and waxing (eyebrows, and if you must know, lip) at the mall today. It looks fabulous, thanks (can't wait for that digi cam). I then was headed to meet my mother at Bath & Body Works, when I passed Nine West. I was distracted by these:

Nine West Neon Lite flat

3/4" heeled flat with feminine bow. A rounded-square tow that flatters. Feels a half size smaller. Perfect for work and play, feminine suits, a day in the city, even a quick trip to the mall.

At the website, there's hardly any of them left in only the charcoal. You must go to your local mall! They also have a fabulous selection of boots there, anyone can find a suitable pair. I believe I'll go back next month.

Anyway, these look so cute, and they feel comfortable! The 6 M fits my 6 1/2 foot. I know they stretch nicely to fit (with a heel pad for me), because the store display was roomier.

The shoe features beautiful, comfy fabric. Striped, almost herringbone style.

About the heel; these feel in my mind like heels to me. But they're as easy to walk in (almost completely) as flats. They LOOK as good as any heel, too. They're fabulous. They make me feel gleeful about my beautious feet.

5 stars for comfort.

The best part: There's a matching bag!! It's on SALE! (Still expensive..)

Matching bag!

I believe the one here is the same one. This one comes with make-up and cell phone cases! The one in the store, I noticed, came with a key-ring-type-thing with a little pump, bag and heart. ADORABLE! Again, I may go back.

My current fabulous bag:

My current most fabulousest bag.

Is just so small for everyday use. But isn't it just the most fab?

Btw, the mall.. is crazy. But I had a nice purchase at B&B and got a book. I'm almost done for Christmas.

Woman Who Lived in Her Shoes

December 19, 2004

I needed shoes. I had no nice shoes. I've now become a Shoe Person. I'm obsessed with shoes. In order to acquire all of the shoes I need, I've spent nearly all of my money (on that, clothes, and Christmas gifts). (I also needed certain items, like knee length skirts.) I had over $1,000. Granted, some are turning into returns.

I took out most of the money I can (without a fee) from my savings (granted, there was not much in there), and I'm going to put my Birthday money into my Checking, in order to still have cash.

Never fret, I will be getting more money soon. But just like Carrie, it kind of looks like I may be the old (hey, young!) woman who lived in her shoes.

I will post more shoe pictures/links and reviews soon. I spent many hours shopping for these shoes, and I must go to bed. My back hurts!

Ugg Solvang Clog / Mule

December 19, 2004

Ugg Solvang Clog/Mule in Red

I don't know what Stacy would say about these*, but they make me squee with glee.

I imagine they are uber comfortable, and I am not paying that much money to find out, so just take that word for it. Soft fleece lining. Suede uppers. 1 3/4" heel. Should be warm or cool and comfortable in temperatures from 80 to -30 degrees! Designed to be worn barefoot. Fleece footbeds conform to your feet and allows your foot to breathe! more...

* Now, the rating and the concern is merely because clogs are not necessarily in right now. They are too thick, and thick does not look good on the feet. These, though, may be different. YOU decide. The detail on these is just gorgeous, though. I love them.

TIP: Check out the slightly lower price, here: Amazon and then go to Zappos, and get 110% of the difference refunded.

Pet Flat Plaid Scottie

December 19, 2004

Pet Flat Red Plaid Scottie Dog

Pet Flats

From Delia's. $38. Pointy-toe flats with allover red plaid print and scottie dog at toe. Little bones and star details. Cotton uppers and PVC bottoms. Whole sizes 6-11.

NOTE: Shoe runs small. Almost one size HALF size. I am a 6 1/2 and I got a seven. They fit and are comfortable! (Not for a lot of walking during the day, though, but what do you want..) I need to stick pads on the back and pads in the toe, so that my foot won't slide to the front. Sometimes they don't fit as well, it's weird. I hope that's just me. Great shoes.

On a personal style note, these shoes look great, but don't go with everything. What they do go with, they make look unique and quirky, maybe. I even wear them with this pink part-cashmere cardigan (wrapped with a brooch a la sarah jessica), and a green argyle tee (unavailable)!

Running out fast! They had leopard print = gone! They sometimes have herringbone with pink kitty and shiny dots. They had a size 6 yesterday, but it's gone today. I'm on the lookout for a size seven, and I will snatch it up if it becomse available.

The Leaopard is nice, and knowing that they fit fine, I would snatch up a pair, too. But I think a pair would be better if the contrast brown was lighter; really showing the leopard. I love Leopard.

Urban Outfitters is Right; Out. Fitters.

December 18, 2004

Urban Outfitters Embellished Ballet Flat


Urban Outfitters shoes don't fit. They're too wide. I can't see them fitting anybody. I have slightly wide width feet, myself.

These shoes look amazingly beautiful. I bought the tan. They would have felt extremely comfortable, too, if the back sides even touched my feet. These shoes are not shaped like human feet. It is a shame.

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