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Lanyards have become rather ubiquitous. They can be spotted in workplaces, social events, humanitarian causes, sports activities, seminars, and conferences.

Lanyards are used for carrying badges or IDs, and electronic devices (such as USB drives, smartphones, and cameras). They’re also used as safety straps or decorations for uniforms.

landyardThese also serve to express the individuality and creativity of a person who wants personalized products. The cords also become a means of promoting any activity or cause that would benefit from added awareness. In other words, the lanyard has become a promotional accessory. It has become a reflection of trademarks, companies, and events.

Without a doubt, these cords have risen from being mere practical tools and are now deemed decorative must-haves. In part, that explains why you’re among the millions currently looking for a reliable lanyard manufacturer.

The World Wide Web is a great place to look for possible manufacturers or suppliers of custom lanyards. As you do your search though, don’t settle for the first one that appears on your web browser. Pay attention to matters regarding price and quality. Likewise, don’t forget about the significance of good customer support. List down several companies and compare their features. Read the feedbacks of their customers to learn more about their performance.

Truth be told, finding a good company isn’t hard at all. Many manufacturers aim to produce high-quality products which can enhance the image of your business or company. They design your orders based on your specifications and preferences. Most importantly, they know that what they produce will be part of special events that make a difference in the community. It’s even appropriate to say that they consider your success as the measuring stick of their own triumphs.

Now, if you’re suddenly having second thoughts about ordering these promotional (yet functional) accessories since you aren’t that creative, you definitely have to think about his fact – the very best lanyard manufacturers recognize the sheer difficulty of coming up with incredible designs. That’s why they have teams that work with clients in creating the perfect design. “Perfect” means that the resulting aesthetics won’t just be reflective of the brand’s colors, but will also be suitable for the specific purpose to be served by the lanyard.

These teams also help customers pick among various top-quality materials, further ensuring that the result is topnotch. Alternatively, if you really aren’t that particular when it comes to design, those teams will help you pick among hundreds of templates.

Once you have chosen a design or have sent your own design for editing, they will send back a final draft for your approval. Then, when you finally approve the concept they have done based on your requirements, the next thing is to talk about the details of your orders and the price of the production. By the way, asking for revisions to be made doesn’t entail additional costs – it’s a free service provided by the finest in the industry. They also do not charge additional fees for designing your concept or logo if you want a new one.

The very best manufacturers also offer free quotations so you will have an idea on how much you’ll have to pay for your order, especially given the volume of products you need.

If you’re worried about something unrelated to matters of design, it’s always an option to get in touch with the lanyard companies that have piqued your interest. As mentioned, all reputable manufacturers have top-of-the-line support services and so, all your queries can be answered in the most convenient way – whether through phone or email. There are also lanyard providers that have live chat support services on their websites.

All in all, whether you are looking for custom or blank custom lanyards, always remember that there are many credible companies waiting to serve you – all you have to do is find them online.

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Custom Challenge Coins: A Minted History

For coin collectors, challenge coins are a boon—and the more unique and rare the find is, the more valuable it is. Custom challenge coins are used everywhere nowadays, from sports leagues to business corporations and commemorative events.

Following Are The History Of Custom Challenge Coins:

The history of these coins is a colorful one, probably as colorful as the engravings in the ones we see today and the stories of the supposed origin are also as varied as the designs for these things.

It is no secret that the earliest challenge coins were used by the military servicemen. The most common story about its origin is that they were used during the World War I and that they began as medallions handed out by a lieutenant to a unit. It became a symbol of the unit itself, thus the members always carried theirs with them. The challenge coin tradition soon spread to other units and it became a source of pride and a morale boost for the servicemen even after the fighting was done.

Even the U.S. Presidents saw the value and impact of these custom challenge coins. President Bill Clinton is credited for being the first president to have his own coins made. Although there are other types of coin given away to the public, the presidential custom challenge coin is in a league of its own.

The president only hands these out mostly to military members, their families, to dignitaries and to people who had done a great service to the nation. After Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama followed up on this tradition. President Obama was even seen laying out some in the graves of fallen soldiers and he was also photographed handing some out in the traditional secret handshake to the military personnel. Even the vice presidents had caught on in this practice of having their own custom challenge coins.

Military Coins

These coins, as mentioned earlier, have become prized possessions for coin collectors in a branch of numismatics called exonumia. The most sought after custom challenge coins are of course those that are and have originated from the military. After all, the challenge coins have originated from the military culture. Coins that had been produced for high-ranking officers are the rarest and therefore, the most prized. Aside from these rare military coins, it is the ones that are given by the president and vice president that are also sought after.

Practically speaking, custom challenge coins are not really collected for their numismatic value—unless of course, those few that were highly customized and made out of precious metal. Instead, more than that, these challenge coins are prized for the history, ideas and memories they represent to an individual. That, after all, is more precious and more meaningful than the substance or make up of the coin itself. Imagine owning a custom challenge coin that is steeped in history and tradition, won’t that be a source of pride for you as the owner? It’s like owning a piece of your country’s history in a display case.

Thanks to the mushrooming of so many challenge coin sites and shops these days, the quest for custom challenge coin collections has become easier and the public reach, larger. Some avid custom challenge coin collectors have even put up their own internet sites to showcase their collections and at the same time, to educate the public about the importance and meaning of these tokens. Some present it for bidding, some trade it. Nonetheless, the tradition of the custom challenge coin lives on for many Americans as pieces of history, sources of national pride and marks of their identity.

Whether you want to recreate an existing coin or craft an entirely new design for your military coins and challenge coins ,we can do it all.

The Perks of Being a Motivational Speaker

In this day and age, where people are so busy catching up with the constantly changing and increasingly challenging world, everyone seems to need someone to remind him of his purpose in life—someone who is reliable enough to encourage, motivate and inspire, every once in a while. Because of this necessity, motivational speakers have become very popular in the recent years.

With an average pay of no less than $3,000 per speaking engagement for the relatively new in the motivational speaking industry, people from different walks of life are starting to enroll themselves in various motivational speaking trainings and courses. The promising monetary reward of a career in this industry however, is not the only reason why people today are being attracted to it.

motivation speakerFamous motivational speakers such as Ohio House of Representatives former member Les Brown, NFL (National Football League) player Eric Tomas, the famous man with no arms and legs Nick Vujicic, Chicken Soup for the Soul book series co-creators Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Can field, and motivational speaker, comedian and author Garrison Wynn have been doing motivational speaking for various audiences for years now. Aside from their selfless reasons, these speakers have endured the challenges of motivational speaking because of the promising benefits of it. What are these benefits?

Financial security:

As what was already mentioned, a career in motivational speaking is becoming attractive to many because of its monetary rewards. While the minimum pay for someone relatively new in the motivational speaking career is $2,000, once a speaker becomes highly in demand in the industry, he can have as much as $90,000 or even more from just one hour of speaking. Add this fee to other possible sources of income (such as selling motivational speeches and videos, writing, publishing and selling inspirational books, and offering individual or organizational life-coaching sessions), and it becomes clear that financial security is always within reach for the motivational speaker.

Intellectual growth:

Other than financial security, what keeps motivational speakers in their career is constant growth, intellectually. As their job requires them to constantly feed their minds through reading books and by engaging in intellectual and social discussions, these speakers always enjoy the satisfaction of being intellectually competent.

Personal development:

A career in motivational speaking offers a lot more to public speakers than just financial security and intellectual growth. Meeting different kinds of people, attending various occasions, travelling to different places, and constantly preaching about motivation and optimism in life, a motivational speaker has, in his hands, endless opportunities to develop and improve his own self. This makes his career a lot more refreshing and self-fulfilling than any career with equal monetary and intellectual value.

Emotional satisfaction:

Lastly, the motivational speaker also finds more than enough emotional satisfaction in his career. There could never be a better way to prove one’s worth as a person than seeing how one becomes an instrument that allows others to have a more fulfilling life. Speaking to inspire and motivate others, public speakers may never imagine how far their influence can go. Oftentimes however, they get to realize how much they’ve actually accomplished through personal testimonials, letters, e-mails, gifts and other gestures of gratitude. Just as Gavin Ingham once shared (as cited in Windermere, 2015):

The further I progressed, the more of a kick I got from helping others to achieve their ambitions too Without a doubt, a career in motivational speaking is very promising, in more ways than one. However, motivational speakers always have to bear in mind that the infinite perks of their career does come with endless challenges and great responsibilities.

A career in motivational speaker offers a lot more to public speakers than just financial security and intellectual growth.

Employee Engagement Survey: A Priority in Job Performance Evaluation

An engaged employee typically exhibits two traits ― confidence and inspiration. Confidence leads to achieving job excellence. Inspiration allows the employee to be motivated by his or her superior. The best way to determine if the employee has these traits is to use the employee engagement survey.

How Does The Employee Engagement Survey Work?

communicationThree types of communication is required for the survey. The first type is the per-survey communication. The participation communication is the second type. The last type is the post-survey communication. In the ore-survey communication, the employee will receive a notification. The notification comes from the management or the surveyor. The notification may be in the form of an e-mail or a memo. The notification lets the employee know how the results of the survey will be used. Some companies will discuss about the notification during staff meetings. In the participation communication, the survey will be sent to the employee via e-mail or memo. The survey may be discussed in person if the surveyor decides not to send it via internet or memo. The surveyor will give instructions on how to participate in the survey. The employee is encouraged to participate by a certain date. In the post-survey communication, the survey results will be analyzed by the surveyor. A brief summary of the results will be shown to the employees and the management during presentation. It may take 30 days for the surveyor to analyze the survey results. What are The Types of Rating Scales Used for The Employee Engagement Survey? Here are the 7 kinds of rating scales that may be used for the survey: 1. Three-point (with verbal descriptors) rating scale 2. Two-point (with verbal descriptors) rating scale 3. Five-point (with verbal descriptors) rating scale 4. Five-point (with percentage of time) rating scale 5. Four-point (with frequency verbal descriptors) rating scale 6. Five-point (with numeric and verbal descriptors) rating scale 7. Bloom’s five-point rating scale The three-point (with verbal descriptors) rating scale ranges from “needs improvement” to “excellent”. The two-point (with verbal descriptors) rating scale ranges from “unacceptable” to “acceptable”. The five-point (with verbal descriptors) rating scale ranges from “unacceptable” to “excellent”. The five-point (with percentage of time) rating scale ranges from “0-10% of time” to “91-100% of time”. The four-point (with frequency verbal descriptors) rating scale ranges from “never” to “always”. The five-point (with numeric and verbal descriptors) rating scale ranges from “1 – unacceptable” to “5 – excellent”. Bloom’s five-point rating scale ranges from “1 – poor performance” to “5 – exceptional performance”.

What Kinds of Responses May The Employee Engagement Survey Require?

realmountainvaluesThere are two kinds of responses that may be needed for the survey. The first type is the closed-ended response. The second type is the open-ended response. The close-ended response requires the employee to choose an answer from the rating scale. The open-ended response requires the employee to make his or her own answer. The answer for the open-ended response is usually in the form of a brief essay. The survey may not require too much open-ended responses because it may take too long for the employee to finish the survey. 15-20 minutes is the ideal time for the employee to complete the survey. Why Do Companies Use The Employee Engagement Survey? The survey gives the management an idea about its strengths and weaknesses. It helps the management determine how to improve its professional relationship with the employee. It helps the management determine what awards must be given to the employee. It may also determine if the employee is having a problem with the management. The survey should be categorized according to demographic breakouts. Examples of demographic breakouts are the department, the job position, and the shift of the employee. The participants must be anonymous during the conduction of the survey.

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