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Is Target Quality in Decline? Photo of William Rast Jean Unraveling Thread

January 24, 2011

William Rast for Target, taken in a local store

Is Target quality declining (as is the case for at least some other companies in this recession) or is the instance of a "coming apart" clothing item possibly a result of crazy Christmas shoppers?

This photo was taken during the time of Christmas rush, true, but I've never seen such a thing even with years-old mall-brand denim. Jeans have always been known for their ruggedness and holes are usually worn into the knee long before any seams come undone. Denim is like Louis Vuitton bags in item lifespan! Usually, that is the case, but here with this "more premium", William Rast, line at Target, I found this disturbing scene.

It's also true that stitching is not the famously durable portion of denim products. So is this kind of lower quality par for the course with "marts" or, as I suspect, is this a cost-saving measure reserved only to pad profits for the bigger-name brands?

I think I will shop Target with more caution now, even though I enjoy the chain (my small Mulberry bag is great!). I'll likely buy my denim with more  tried-and-true (or at least in my own experience) stores, or perhaps solely shop for the original: Levi's. Still, we must all remember to be cautious consumers especiallly during - even after - a recession, whether in "greedy" America or while dealing with any large corporate products. These are tough  modern times with far lower business morals, but at least Levi's as a company would fall apart of its denim did!

I suppose after this, I must wholly endorse Levi's products for all!

(Yes, that includes petites, like these 27.5" or 29" inseam skinnies. Need! Restock please!) (We do not receive any funding from clicks or purchases of this link or levis.com, currently, or with this post.)

Thoughts of the Moment on Loss & Shopping + Fendi

January 13, 2011

Fendi Nude ankle strap logo sandals

In the past when tragedies, like this recent shooting, have happened I've felt that fashion is too trivial to care so much about on a multi-times-per-day scale. Right now though, I'm posting this after a hiatus relating to personal career woes and worry about overspending. I shed tears for these victims and here I am pondering style.


I recently don't care if I have cash to spend - is this a positive effect from a highly negative event? I don't know. I still fret that blogging will make me desire too much.

I can't make sense of the hate in the world, just like no one can. I really can't tie it in to fashion either, except I must remember that I try to tie in the deepness in my brain back into a fashion blog.

I can't help but think of what John Stewart said this Monday (after the shooting). Things like, "how do you make sense of these types of senseless situations?" Plus things like, "I refuse to give in to that feeling of despair"...

I'm reminded of the at-first-seemingly prick-like mantra that "life goes on". When we are first grieving that sounds like a careless mentality, but it is just both a sad and positive truth. It does not mean that we throw away our love and sorrow, but it is a reflection on how not only life beside us goes on but that eventually we will smile and later find joy again, even though we will always love and care for the gone, or respect tragedies, but that life and grief can coexist. It must for our survival.

We will shop again. Art is a part of life, accessories are sometimes, or seemingly, needed. We must not feel bad for desiring to be stylish. No more so after loss than during triumph.

Never hate yourself because you are beautiful.

Ends are sometimes rough, and is there a perfect way to end a post such as this?

No, but I now want to try to quickly touch upon, after I spoke of why I've been absent, where I've been and will continue to be. I can't promise daily posts now, although I want to try to frequent my blog again. I do know I'm already depressed that I cannot afford these lust-worthy excesses. I can though promise ramblings about my life and fashionable links on my personal Facebook account. It might interest you to friend me in order to follow me. I welcome you (just please mention my blog). My account is: [link removed, sorry].



Fendi The Fendista Patent Leather Sandals

Fabulous, yet sensible shoes? Great! Let me wait a year to see if  they make the outlets - yeah right. ;-)


Target To Revive Popular Designs from Old Big Name Lines

October 28, 2010

Bummed you missed out on a certain dress or designer line from a big Target collaboration? You may soon be in luck; starting March 13 2011 through April 10, Target is set to bring back a couple dresses each from some of the more popular fast fashion mini collections.

The official list reads: Luella Bartley, Tara Jarmon, Paul & Joe, Behnaz Sarafpour, Proenza Schouler, Libertine, Alice Temperley, Erin Fetherston, Jovovich-Hawk, Rogan, Richard Chai, Jonathan Saunders, Thakoon, Tracy Feith, Rodarte, Zac Posen (pictured), and Tucker.

I think I'll want (another) something Luella Bartley, but I wish they were bringing back more than dresses. It seems a mystery to us why McQ Alexander Mcqueen is not involved. We'll follow the story to see if anything changes.

HQ (large) Previews of Lanvin for H&M with (USD) Prices

October 22, 2010

Below are Hi-Res Previews of Lanvin <3 H&M

So the Lanvin for H&M previews have begun, and I'm continuing to worry that what I want will not show. It's this Amalia bag (preferably tote) I blogged about in 2009, pictured to the right. (This is Lanvin Paris, the full-priced line, for those who don't read blog words - oh wait, nevermind. ;-))

If I'm still left wondering if there's anything at all for me, at least there's FabSugar, with most of their wishlist satisfied already. Of course, they weren't yearning for a purse with a bow (/chain strap). (They probably also aren't restricted to one small buy. ;-))

I'm also not extremely thrilled with the prices and American exchange rate. The best dresses will run about $157 USD and for bags, $40 American for a clutch, on up.

At least the exchange rate isn't what it was a while back, with the U.S. dollar being double of the British Pound - if that were the case now I (and many) would be heartbroken.

Read more price points (for Britain) at Vogue UK.

By the way, no word on pricing for the fabulous pairs of shoes seen below.

On to the eye candy; it is so, so tasty.

Click (above the black) on the pictures for largest size.

Death of a Blog at a Funeral? NO: "I Got Better!"

October 22, 2010

This is a quick announcement that I'm getting back into blogging after a death in my family. It's always so hard for me to get back in it...

Next is a great post that forced me, excitedly, to take off those rubber cleaning gloves and get back to typing. Cleaning? Yes, my boyfriend didn't travel with me, unfortunately, and boys alone at home make for messy houses. ;-)

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. See you soon...

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