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Missoni for Target - Target B&M - Day 1 Part 2 (Tue. night)

September 18, 2011

Missoni zig zag signature print

(Read Part One, a prelude) On D Day (national debut day, in this case turned slightly doomed for most fashionistas) I had a somewhat normal schedule, as in I couldn't get out shopping until night on that work day. Super normal on a weekday, right? The norm??

Apparently, Missoni is not business as usual when it comes to Targét collabs.

Me, I'm not really a shop-online girl unless it's a necessity for some reason, and living in South Florida, a land of rejecting high fashion (aside from downtown Miami and Boca Raton - IMHO) I saw no necessessity to torture myself with the uncertainty of such things (sizing, mostly, plus "shipping cost" morphed into a single 4-letter word to me amidst recession).

Apparently, the locals agreed ... except seemingly the masses were not held back by normal business hours, and I hadn't anticipated this.

Perhaps when it came to the Target collaboration with Missoni, things changed around my parts. I'm guessing driven by the virtual signature of the brand's items (zigzag = designer = rich! shiny! droooool) people wanted this stuff more.

Around 9 p.m., I arrived at "Sawgrass Super Target" and entered close to the apparel section, then began puzzling at the "Xhilaration" tops under the grand Missoni banner. I asked a nearby, busy employee if Missoni had "all" sold out and was told yes. Cocking my head, I asked about "non-clothing Missoni" (I had been daydreaming about those bright bath towels) and, distracted, she confirmed and added that there were 3 coats left, inexplicably (my opinion) relocated to in front of the women's dressing rooms. (Why weren't they prominent?) Seemingly shocked, she claimed that they had "sold out" by 10 a.m. ... In non-Miami Florida?

No MissoniAnother local Target, later on.

By the night of the 13th, in Sunrise, Florida, there were those puke-colored coats (the ones hung by the fitting rooms) and, despite that one clueless employee telling me the 3 green coats were all that remained, miscellaneous items scattered around, mostly out-of-place and hard to find. Also plenty of notebooks and several shoes (shoes fitting me!) were rightfully stocked. There was one lone, misplaced knit sweater that, luckily in a way, helped me realize I am allergic to these knits, even at Target, a land of non-wool and happiness in cardigans pour moi. (I can't wear any animal fibers except occasionally sheepskin.) This means I don't have to worry about trying to find a dress from this collection in the future, and I can save that money for my personal favorite clothing item, the tie-neck top. (Just saying.)

Finally, there was probably every single last black & white carry-on luggage piece they probably even stocked for that morning. Why? (We're working on theories.)

All this general lack of stock helped me realize that I really, really did want that darned bath towel! Oh well, if it's meant to be it will be.

I did pick up these shoes and the made-for-Target by the makers of Foot Petals inserts to go in 'em. I'm heading back for more of those, I tell ya.

Missoni for Target heels
I haven't yet been able to take my own photos of these pumps, and this story's still not quite finished, either! I really wanted to throw this up so I can talk about something else, as well, though. :-)

In the end the question is: was this really worth it to that many people to take the day off to buy discounted "designer" or were there just too many people working their eBay jobs minute 1? Eh? Eh?

Missoni for Target - Target.com - Day 1 Part 1 ...

September 13, 2011

Target Popular Missoni
"We are suddenly extremely popular."

LOL! I was going to check out fit and details of several items in store before considering checking to see if a certain online-exclusive dress was still available (it's between that or another) and this log-on I was only attempting to check when my Target closes. Too funny.

I do have stories and more from Fashion's Night Out (including photos and more regarding my FNO score!) and other things I need to post, too - and I do plan on taking my camera in to Target tonight, as well.

A great first step to blog after something has caused me to be away is an easy post, like this photo post. Hope you find the image amusing, too - as much as I hope you don't find the situation on Target.com distressing! Good luck, shoppers!

(For in-store items, one could always take a vaction to South Florida; we always have the designer stock ... and the weather should be better soon!! Of course, in order to still save money, that would need to replace an equal-priced vacation in the not-too-distant future. Oy.)

Amy Winehouse: A Look Back in Style

July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse styleAmy Winehouse
was a talented spirit troubled by addiction, an affliction some fashionistas can understand (those troubled by serious shopping addictions, like I am). She was also a free-spirited style star, a woman as 50s bouffant meets 60s go-go as she was a modern paparazzi-magnet. She will be missed, and so will her potential beyond her disease.

Here we look at some photos that represent her key looks in beauty and fashion. Enjoy with respect for her individualism and never forget the music above all else.

Start Gallery >

xx, Ella

Credits: View gallery of style & credit links after the jump!

Page Rank! (Well that wasn't so hard, after all.)

July 21, 2011

Page Rank

You may think it's wrong or you may completely understand, but in the World Wide Web today a webmaster any "less" in greatness than a total SEO master can get too frustrated. That is too frustrated to go on, sometimes.

Page Rank
I've long known how hard it can be for new sites and even harder for old sites/content with new domains (yep - just don't switch domains folks!) but when, last fall/winter, Google didn't even seem to recognize the good links we definitely did have pointed to us here at stylishwithsubstance.com, I did get literally too frustrated.

I didn't even blog for months, just searched for a job and tried to let any new "web calling" come to me. I thought of making a cool women's mag (and I even got started) with "body love" topics and more, but I'm honestly scared of how hard that would be.

Then I thought of a cool shoe site topic that would be helpful to others (a guide as much as a blog) and that's launching soon.

I'm still going to let my calling, well, call out to me - but - and this may be another truth hard for you to swallow: the good news is I will be blogging here some again, but that's been contingent for a while on obtaining a PR, sad but true.

I've missed Stylish with Substance and the kind of posts I put here for weeks now, so this is good timing for me, one could guess. One could argue that it's a rougher time because I'm also bringing back my old domain of sharpbyte.net to turn it into web design meets fashion design, but all I need to do here is post my thoughts and messages related to fellow women, posts that are about quality content.

I can't say this blog will suffer, as it's been in a coma for months anyway. I'd expect, perhaps, a post per week.

Anyway, I want to celebrate my page rank of 2 (after 0/none)!!! What is in order in a situation of a PR breakthrough?

I'll end this with a tip to you: renew your domain names and good things may happen! Yep, it's been a year here! It's even better to renew early or for a long period - but I've been cheap. I need to stop that. And be a little cheaper instead with Coach and Louboutin. :-x

See you later - and maybe even see shy me in my Louboutins. ;-)

Credit: Floating image from Practical SEO.

10 Reasons Petite Girls Can Wear Flats

February 21, 2011
Carolina Herrera flats
Carolina Herrera flats

  1. It shows immense confidence and an "I don't care" attitude. Men might really respond to that!
  2. Some men just plain prefer a girl in more comfortable or relaxed footwear. Is that the type you might prefer right back?
  3. Wearing flats is like reverse discrimination. Don't let trying to be taller hold you down! Wear what you like.
  4. It's still healthier for one's feet, no matter the girl's height. (Again, do what feels right for your body and mind.)
  5. Petiteness can be adorable and much more feminine, anyway!
  6. You probably already get your pants hemmed. Maybe you'd enjoy keeping it simple and keeping heels for dresses and skirts (and shorts and leggings)---which are easier to also dress up (vs. down).
  7. According to statistics, shorter people get paid less. How rude! But we can save a lot of money buying flats, even if they're the same name brand. Just saying.
  8. Our feet are probably smaller, too, so we don't necessarily need heels to make our feet look cute. Yay!
  9. If we choose nude (or our skin tone) as a color, they may be just as lengthening!
  10. It will help our tall sisters realize that they, too, can wear what they want. (Girl power!)


(The mis-rendering of "10" above is an html/css problem. I've tried to fix this & now am awaiting a response from OnSugar support.)

Coach metal logo Lauren flats, also in brown

Coach flats - shop

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