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The 12 Craziest Miss Universe National Costumes (2010)

August 24, 2010

Onward you'll find good fun for women, men, and even TV geeks! Don't forget the photos get better, as this is a countdown...

Costumes, they are, but that doesn't make them ... right. Necessarily. On to the viewing - and fug - fun!

#12 - Miss France and her leaning "tour"

Miss Universe Country Costume 2010

Here goes, with a swoosh, France being synonymous with "chic"

Miss Universe Nation Costume 2010

#11 - Miss USA would die kill for the cause

Miss Universe Country Costume 2010

Which of our national treasure, the poor eagle, had to die?


#10 - Miss Lebanon, from fairy land

Miss Universe National Costume 2010

Lebanon is where princesses come from? *Books a flight*


#9 - Miss Great Britain, as if you couldn't tell

Miss Universe Nationality Costume 2010

After Alexander McQueen's sad death, this was Miss Great Britain's best option.


#8 - Miss Venezuela. Hey, I didn't know Venezuela was in space. Oh, that's why it's called Miss "Universe"!

Miss Universe Country Costume 2010

Lady GaGa called; she wants her haus back. Points off (seriously!) for being now-less-original.

(Fashion points for her matching shoes!)


#7 - Miss Kosovo, it's surprising she didn't win.

Miss Universe Country Native 2010

True Blood's bull person

... What with her maenad powers and all. Scary.


#6 - Miss Australia ... is a scrolldown.

Miss Universe Costume 2010 Australia classic scrolldown

Or shall we say, "Miss Uggstralia"? Yes, those are Uggs. Heeled Uggs, to boot.

Seriously, though, is it hot and cold simultaneously there? Fur shoulders + Bare waist = Class-y.


#5 - Miss Spain - Red, White, and ... polka dots?

Miss Universe Country Costume 2010

I just thank goodness this wasn't Miss USA.


#4 - Miss Switzerland is a huge character

Miss Universe Nationality Costume 2010

She will smite you! And then use her first aid kit slash shield. How's that for neutral?

#3 - Miss Zambia in "Juicy" Couture...

Miss Universe Nationality Costume 2010

"Sure, my breasts are small, but they're tasty." I like how the sash makes it work.


#2 - Miss Ukraine. Wait; is that?

Miss Universe Nationality Costume 2010

Yes, it is!

Miss Universe Nationality Costume 2010

It's that girl who fell in love with a  giant bottle of beer! Awwww.

Bud Lite ad


#1 - Miss Belgium ... has got balls.

Miss Universe Nationality Costume 2010

We've found what's worse than the scrunchy!

Miss Universe Nationality Costume 2010

Now I feel really bad for not knowing Belgium is known for its tennis ... or much at all, for that matter.

I do suppose this outfit is better than a giant waffle suit. (Oh, no, what about next year?)


Well, that's all of this craziness. Until next year. Or Halloween, if you're lucky. Or right now, if you follow Lady GaGa.

It was fun. Do browse our category for "fug" fashions (in the meantime)!


Photos from Cellestrellas and Universal Queen

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posted by Victoria Whiteland

Beautiful Barley dress!
So very stylish and affordable...

posted by

Haha! Thanks for your comment. Really, though, it has nice shape.

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